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James Gandolfini has passed away

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Never got to meet him, but a lot of my friends did when they filmed the Sopranos down the street from me. He was supposedly a real nice guy and very accommodating to the fans who stood out and watched them film.




Here is a pic of my friends kid and Tony.

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He wasn’t born here, he didn’t grow up here, but Verona was the backdrop to some of the biggest moments in James Gandolfini’s life.

As Tony Soprano, he filmed key scenes of The Sopranos in Verona Park and at the field at HBW. He visited with “Bobby Bacala” at 56 E. Reid Place and dealt with his scheming mother Livia in her house at 55 Gould Street. Gandolfini and The Sopranos crew camped out in the basement of Holy Spirit Church while many of the Verona episodes were filmed. He might not have spent any time in Verona at all had The Sopranos creator, David Chase, gotten to know the town while his father managed a hardware store here.

Tony Soprano survived all the murder and mayhem around him, but James Gandolfini died in Rome on June 19.

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51 years old?  I thought he was fairly older enough to be my dad.  He's only 18 years older than me.


I've only seen the first handful of episodes of Sopranos but he's done some great supporting work in Killing Them Softly, Pelham 123 and In The Loop.  I highly recommend checking out Not Fade Away at Redbox which is a coming of age movie about rock music in the 60s and it's from the creator of The Sopranos.



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This sucks to hear. Never seen an episode of Sopranos, but have always liked him in smaller roles like True Romance, Crimson Tide, and Man Who Wasn't There.


Since you are a film buff, I highly recommend watching the Sopranos.  IMO it is a top 3 all time TV show.

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This is still tripping me out. I had to hop online later in the day before going to the Angels game and this was on my homepage. Even worse is they are using Sopranos screen shots.

I don't usually trip about deaths, but his age and the fact it's Tony Soprano is kind of a big blow. We are talking about his work all night.

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