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Time to make Shohei an Angel for life


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Just now, Taylor said:

Don Arte must make him an offer he can't refuse.

Is that even possible?  Look at what Cohen's willing to spend.

Not saying Ohtani will leave or anything, just that I don't think it will be money that ultimately keeps him here.

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I think I'd rather just wait and see if he can get through another season staying healthy and putting up big numbers.  It's not like his value is going to get much higher than it already is after a once in a century MVP season.  And he probably isn't super motivated to extend in Anaheim unless we start, you know, actually winning so it's probably a moot point anyways.

It is an interesting case study though since pitchers generally are a way riskier long term investment, and a good chunk of his value comes from being a high end SP.  If he can only be a valuable pitcher for say, half the contract, will he still want to try to be a starter or slowly transition to a permanent DH (maybe RF/1B)?  Will "position player" Ohtani still be worth $45M a year at that point?  And a guy that's throwing 100 on the mound on top of hitting in 130+ games you'd have to think is more prone to wear and tear than your average position player.  Looking at last year, his OPS dropped 200 points in the second half of the season and fatigue likely played a part in that.  

As much as I love the guy, I feel like 10 years would be a major risk.  He'd probably get it if he were a FA right now though.

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4 hours ago, Taylor said:

But this time for a legitimate reason and not some weird conspiracy theory.

Time to Shohei the money. Get 'er done before the end of May and show Ohtani and the fans you're committed to keeping him an Angel for life.

Any contact  extension is tricky.  Hes not going anywhere though.  The Angels have probably made money off him.  They are freerolling or close to it

Everyone thought Trout was leaving.   A lot did anyway. 

I'm more confident Ohtani will stay for a while.  

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