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Does this organization value pitching less than every other organization in baseball?

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3 hours ago, failos said:

I was thinking something more simple: Arte loves fireworks. Angel Stadium doesn’t do fireworks for pitchers, just home runs

I’d rather they have a founders day picnic at the park and let fans get chased by The Beast.

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It feels like the Angels are well behind pretty much every other organization in the league when it comes to acquiring pitchers.  We don't draft pitchers high (Canning is the only top 2 round pick in

If you're asking about drafting, it's a fair question. But didn't they just offer almost $300M to Cole? You don't do that if you don't value pitching. 

Can you imagine if we all had to hang out in person, and talk? Instead of using gifs?  No thanks       (My spelling would be better, though)

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1 hour ago, arch stanton said:

When mentioning Hudson, why omit the 9 pitchers drafted in between him and Thaiss?

 I was responding to @Stradling’s question as asked.

I also didn’t mention the two starting position players the Dodgers drafted in the 1st round between Matty Thaiss and Dakota Hudson - Gavin Lux (2B) and Will Wilson (C). Why? Because it wasn’t what he asked. 

The MLB draft is the most inexact of all drafts in professional sport but the Angel organization has really hurt themselves with their poor drafts before and after drafting Trout. They were terrible. It is the primary reason they have failed to put a championship caliber team behind him.

I think this is changing under Eppler but it takes time. Hope he’s around to see it. 

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46 minutes ago, Kevinb said:

I don't know much about the draft, but I assume ace pitchers have come from all sorts of rounds not just the first pick in the first round? But either way I think it is wise that you pick the best player available, whether it be baseball, football, hockey or whatever. Picking the best player available is usually the best way to go. 

Looked at recent list of top 25 pitchers.

17 drafted in 1st round, 2 in 4th round, 1 in 7th, 8th and 9th rounds and 3 were international signings.


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You know, last night, I went thru some draft histories to try and characterize just how freakin' difficult and random it can be, sometimes, to draft, develop, and most importantly, "keep" that unicorn, the "ace" pitcher - I had charts and graphs and everything - but forgot to post it.

Now that I see the conversation has moved on to "assbirths" , I erased it all ...


Dont Throw Pearls, Before The Dogs Or The Swine. | Ex ...

(truth be told, there were no graphs, and the site seemed to lose what I wrote overnight - but I like this version of the story better)

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16 hours ago, Stradling said:

I agree with Pancake that this is a tired narrative.  It would probably be less tired if the premise was, “Should the Angels prioritize Starting Pitching at a Higher Level”?  But when you start the premise as they value pitching the least amount in all of Major League Baseball it seems tired.  

As it relates to the draft, this has been brought up here a few times.  When you are building a farm from scratch like Eppler has had to do you want to draft some sure things to build not just depth but currency.  It’s not a secret that pitching is much less predictable and a much bigger risk.  The success rate of pitchers in the draft is significantly less than position players.  Additionally if you have the 10th pick in the draft would you rather have an Adell type outfielder or a #3 starter?  Now that may seem like an exaggeration but how many college starters are taken 10th have Ace potential?  I’m sure they happen, but how often?  Then if you draft the high school pitcher the risk is so great and the development time is 4-5 years.  

Agree with the part about HS pitchers.   

My thinking though is that if at overall pick #10, a college pitcher does satisfy the main requirements (draft pick projected around #10, potential, durability) and the Halos are still somewhat thin on near MLB ready pitching (1-2 years away), isn't that an exception to the take a position player over pitcher rule?    

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15 hours ago, Troll Daddy said:

Makes sense ... although, most of the teams playoff pitchers were legit starters. 

Yes, I am not stating that there are not high quality starters out there and the reason most playoff teams had legit starters is because during the regular season those legit starters carried them a long way, i.e. they had good starting staffs to begin with which equates to a playoff berth.

However, you and I both know that acquiring a good starter is not easy and there are not that many of them out there. Thus teams are moving more to multi-innings types to bridge some of that gap and improve their overall performance at the margins.

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My feeling is that the Angels organization lacks the development skills that successful organizations, like the Dodgers, Rays and Braves have. Some of the problems also come from finishing in the middle of the pack for years. Drafting isn’t an exact science but scouts have to be able to project. 

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20 hours ago, Stradling said:

My follow up would be since Eppler has been here, which starting pitchers that were drafted (after the Angels draft choice) have had more success than Thaiss and Canning.  Obviously I’d rather have Forrest Whitley more than Thaiss, but he really shit the bed last year in the minors to the tune of an 8 ERA.  

Do you mean major league success only?  The Indians drafted 3 starting pitchers that have had more major league success than Thaiss after him in 2016, Shane Bieber, Aaron Civale, and Zac Plesac.  There’s also Tony Gonsolin, Zac Gallen, Joey Luchessi, Eric Lauer, Dakota Hudson.  And then there’s top prospects Justin Dunn, Jesus Luzardo, and Forrest Whitley if you want to count top prospects.

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