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How many more years will Trout play CF?

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Until we have someone that can field the position better? They didn't have a problem moving him to LF for Bourjos, if we have a better CF then they will slide him to one of the corners.

Hunter stayed in CF until halfway through his age 34 season, so I would guess Trout stays there until 32ish years old. If a 37 year old Manny Ramirez can start 100+ games in LF I don't think we will ever see Trout at 1B

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It is a combination of factors:

1. When someone better defensively is ready (maybe 2020)

2. When Trout dips below average at CF (maybe in his early 30s, so 2022-25ish)

3. When Trout no longer wants to play CF (when he's obvoiusly below average, see above)

The Angels have a handful of prospects that could be better defensively, with projected major league ETAs: Hermosillo (2019), Adell (2020), Marsh (2020), Adams (2021), Knowles (2021), Deveaux (2022).

Hermosillo probably won't be a starter with the Angels so isn't a threat to push him over. The soonest would be Adell/Marsh in 2020, and then another wave in 2021/22.

I don't see Trout moving over until 2022, his age 30 season, but probably not until 2023 or 2024 when I think he'll graciously move over for one of the younger guys.


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As long as he's still playing a capable CF and isn't hurting his team by blocking a significantly more gifted defensive option. Torii Hunter did it willingly for Peter Bourjos and he ended up being a good corner OF. 

Hunter won multiple Gold Gloves and was one of the best defensive CF of his time, so the fact that he made it to age 34 starting in CF is pretty remarkable. 

I give Trout until age 32. 

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