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Game Day Predictions - Game No. 20, 4/24/13 Texas vs. Angels

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Post your predictions here for season game #20, 4/24/13 vs. Texas here.  Game time is set for 7:05 pm PST.  Winners from tonight's game #19, 4/23/13 vs. Texas, are shown below.


4 Points, 2 Points





3 Points


Pbonetheman  (Vargas 7.0 IP, 3 ER's)

2002_halos_II  (Harris 1-3, 1 single)



1 Point


JAHV76  (Kendrick 1 single)

AZMike  (Vargas 3 walks)

The Angels  (Kendrick 1 single)

Redondo  (Kendrick 1 single)

katrinab  (Trumbo 1 single)

GoodTimesGoneBad  (Vargas 3 ER's)

Jeff S.  (Trumbo 1 RBI)

True Gritch  (Bourjos 2-4)

Ray McKigney  (Kendrick 1 single)

Jellybean  (Pujols 1 BB)

Angels N Skins  (Vargas 3 walks)

AngelsAndRamsFan  (Vargas 3 ER's)

SoWhat  (Vargas 7.0 IP)

SoCalSportsFan  (Trumbo 1 double)

Jeff M  (Kendrick 1 single)

HeavenlyHalos  (Kendrick 1 single)

paws  (Jimenez 1-4)




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