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Sick of this team

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I try to be mild-mannered about the ups and downs of the season, preferably only starting complaint threads about Albert Pujols, but this is just getting ridiculous. Another loss today will mean 1-9 over the last ten games.


Ugh. I'd rather be watching re-runs of Friends.

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This team sucks right now, no doubt. I tried to be positive with the moves this week but knew we needed a real bat. A few weeks ago we were killing it but i kept quiet because i dodnt believe it. You cant be ice cold for 2 months, then have pujols turn 21 again and role players play like stars and expect it to last.

They arent this bad. This is a combo of a funk and hitting a hot as hell team in houston and the 2 hottest pitchers in baseball in LA this weekend (the texas series was won except for a fluke outing by smith/street). Theyll stabalize, and will still make a run...its just not a good team. Good parts and needs a few tweaks. Hope we get a real bat in here this winter

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MLB Central did a segment on deadline trades with the Angels vs the Astros.  Needless to say, Astros got an A, we got a C-,,,Still passing, but nowhere near the National Junior Honor Society.


I think that rating sounds about right, but there is little we could have done to make it any better.  The resources weren't there to change the outcome.  At least the next GM won't be saddled with that many long term commitments, he/she will have a fresh slate to work with.  We are no where close to the quality of about 6-8 teams (Kansas City, San Francisco, the Dodgers, Houston, New York Yankees, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, to name a few.).

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I don't have any expectations for this group of players but if they get hot at the end of this season like they did earlier, they might have a chance.

Like I said, no expectations.

I don't have high expectations either but it's still tough and frustrating to watch

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We still have a playoff spot.  We can still win a world series.  A walk a bloop a Trout 3 run home run and a save.  You dont know how postseason baseball works.


I know how it works when we get swept by a team with a fraction of the payroll.

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This board is so much more fun when the team is stinking it up. It was so quiet and barren when they were kicking ass around the All Star break. I'm glad I don't ride the same rollercoaster as some of you because I seriously would need Xanax, lol



They will be fine. They weren't the best team in Baseball coming into the season but they are still a playoff contender.

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