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  1. And that I believe is the way most Angel players and fans feel about now. The baseball season is very long, after almost 5 months of losing and not just losing but getting you ass kicked it's not as easy for the player to be focused, they are just going thru the motions and counting down how many games are left. Time for football HTTR!
  2. These crappy statements about Trout and the money he makes gets old. Trout plays baseball because he love playing the game and competing He is not the type of player that goes home at the end of the season and says we lost 95 games but I made a lot of money. He is going to make a lot of money on whatever team he plays for, and the thought of playing for the Angels with no future due to a crappy farm system and an owner that has decided he is not going to spend money anymore has to be nauseating.
  3. You may be taking me wrong. I still watch the games, I look at the box scores every day, and I will be disappointed when the last game of the season is over. I would also like to feel the excitement of that 2002 season again, see the players celebrate, the fans going nuts.
  4. and I am sure the Angels sit around and talk about how proud they are of the 2014 season when they won the most games in baseball but got swept in the playoffs. Losing is part of sports, but I don't know a lot of athletes that are happy losing. I have been an Angel fan since 1965, so I have seen my share of bad baseball and losing. I will never be happy watching them lose.
  5. Depends on how you want to look at this. Baseball is a team sport that requires several individuals to perform. If the team loses, your individual performance does not mean much unless he is on your fantasy team.
  6. I don't see him smiling when he walks off the field lately. You tell me how he feels .
  7. Sports is all about playing hard and doing your best, if you lose the game you did not achieve your goal and that is to win. Yes, you can have the greatest season ever and lose in the world series, ask the players if they had a successful year. Most will tell you no, they did not reach the goal they set out to achieve, no one plays just to make it to the world series, except losers.
  8. I really hope you did not find enjoyment in watching the Angels play like they did over the weekend in Houston. If you did, you have no idea what sports are all about.
  9. That's about as stupid as his theory of a curse.
  10. Not saying they have an obligation to him, if they are not going to contend for 3 or 4 years, trade him, rebuild the farm system, and yes you would be doing him a favor also.
  11. Sounds like you come from the everybody gets a trophy generation. You play sports to win championships, at the end of the year there is only one team that reached their goal.
  12. I could care less about having an Angel hat in the HOF. I waited 38 years for the Angels to win a world series and I would like to see another before I die. Getting into the HOF is an individual achievement, and I think Trout will take care of that.
  13. I love watching Trout play, in fact it's the only the only reason to watch Angels games this year. I don't want to watch him waist his time for the next 4 years on a team that rebuilding. If this team has no intentions of contending for the next 3 years do him a favor and trade him, rebuild the farm system and let the long rebuilding process begin.
  14. I know we changed pitching coaches this year and It may not have anything to do with all the pitching injuries but you have to wonder is there something he is doing different with the pitching staff? I have never seen this many injuries to a pitching staff in one season.
  15. What great memories that song brings back. Listening to Dick Enberg on KMPC on a transistor radio.