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Batman vs Superman teaser trailer


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I don't know.  They aren't showing much.  The superman part I like.  But the Batman part they seem to be deliberately hiding.  The Superman premise seems interesting.  Just don't know how Batman fits into the whole thing.

I agree with this. And if I'm not mistaken Wonder Woman and Aquaman also play a role in the film. Seems like a lot to fit into one movie, I wonder how they'll pull it off and if it'll be any good.

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Not sure how it would look better than Avengers 2, Star Wars or just about any other movie coming out since it's the definition of a teaser trailer. I have no idea why they're fighting as there hasn't been any set up between the two in any prior movies. I'm sure the answer is in a comic but this continues to feel like DC's overdue response to all of the marvel related movies over the years. I'm sure it will make plenty of money and I will see it but not nearly as interested in it as I am in Avengers 2 or the new Star Wars.

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The trailer shows next to nothing so I don't see how taste or opinion has anything to do with it when nothing has been revealed. This trailer seems to be on par with them showing the batman and superman logos at comic con while marvel actually had some content. I think it has more to do with the fact that you think Avengers is overrated and you're possibly more of a DC fan. Stan Lee mentioned that DC is playing catch up and I think that's spot on. Agents of Shield is playing into the movies while the DC shows that I like have nothing to do with the movies and matter of fact there's a flash movie coming out in a few years with a different younger kid in the lead. DC seems to be all over the place but at least it means more movies for fans.

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