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Your prediction for the postseason roster


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I'd say

C: Iannetta

1B: Pujols

2B: Kendrick

SS: Aybar

3B: Freese

LF: Hamilton

CF: Trout

RF: Calhoun

DH: Cron

Bench: Conger, Cowgill, Beckham/McDonald

Rotation: Weaver, Shoemaker, Wilson, Santiago

Bullpen: LeBlanc, Rasmus, Herrera, Salas, Grilli, Morin, Jepsen, Smith, Street


I believe Hamilton will be back, but have a slow start.

Almost decided to take Cron off the roster due to him being a rookie with not much experience. Then I realized that Pujols might need to DH once in a while.

It was very hard deciding between McDonald and Beckham because McDonald is respected not only for his late inning defensive purposes and his sac bunts, but also how he is a fun person to have in the clubhouse apparently. Beckham however provides a decent bat with him, but I'm not too sure if the rest of the guys admire him as much as they do with McDonald. Whatever they do here is fine with me I guess.

Worried about the rotation a little, but we'll see.

I gave the nod to LeBlanc over Thatcher simply because Thatcher hasn't really been impressive at all, and I believe LeBlanc is more versatile than Thatcher. I believe Thatcher's splits are nearly identical for LHH and RHH.

Thoughts? And how about you guys

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I'll do a lineup...


Assuming Hamilton is healthy enough:

1: Calhoun RF

2: Trout CF

3. Pujols 1B/DH

4: Hamilton LF

5. Kendrick 2B

6. Freese 3B

7. Aybar SS

8. Cron DH/1B

9. Ianetta C









1. Weaver

2. Shoemaker

3. Wilson

4. Santiago *if 4th starter is needed; if not he's in bullpen












In regards to McDonald, they'll probably still have him (and a number of other guys) around the club even if they're not on the playoff roster. Just because you're not on the roster, doesn't mean you're not a part of the team.

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Here's what I'm hoping for.


Calhoun, Trout, Pujols, Kendrick, Hamilton, Freese, Iannetta, Cron, Aybar 


Cowgill, Conger, McDonald, Navarro, Campana 


Weaver, Wilson, Shoemaker, Santiago/Rasmus


Street, Smith, Jepsen, Morin, Pestano (1.13 ERA and 1.00 WHIP in 8 innings with 12 Ks), and either Grilled Cheese or Tossed Salad (not both)

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I hope its:


Calhoun, Trout, Pujols, Kendrick, Aybar, Hamilton, Freese, Cron, Iannetta


Conger, Cowgill, Campana, McDonald (or Beckham)


Weaver, Shoemaker, Wilson, Rasmus


Street, Smith, Jepsen, Morin, Santiago, Grilli, Salas, Pestano


I doubt he starts Rasmus though, so probably swap Santiago and Rasmus' roles, or they may go with a 3 man rotation.

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What I'd like -

Iannetta Pujols Kendrick Aybar Freese Hamilton Trout Calhoun Cron


Conger Green Beckham Cowgill Campana


Weaver Shoemaker Wilson Santiago


Street Smith Jepsen Morin Rasmus Pestano Salas



Beckham can take over for Freese late in games while actually having a shred of offensive talent, so the only concern with not carrying McDonald is who plays shortstop if Aybar gets injured. But Beckham is probably capable enough to handle that, so we may as well carry the extra bat. I know they probably won't pick Green, which still astounds me, so maybe if it's not him I would say McDonald.


I'm not sure I get the desire to have Navarro on the roster. His outfield defense is pretty brutal, there's already two first basemen on the roster and he's been brutal offensively for awhile now (.466 OPS in August, .524 in September). If we wanted another bat, Boesch is superior (which is a little sad).

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I think Hamilton misses the first round.


C- Iannetta

1B- Pujols

2B- Kendrick

SS- Aybar

3B- Freese

LF- Cowgill

CF- Trout

RF- Calhoun

DH- Boesch


Bench- Conger, Beckham, Navarro, Campana



1. Weaver

2. Wilson

3. Shoemaker

4. Rasmus


Bullpen- Street, Smith, Jepson, Morin, Grilli, Salas, Santiago, Pestano

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I think Boesch is getting an inflated number of at bats just to audition him, along with Navarro, as the lefty off the bench. Starting to think Cron doesn't make it either, because he doesn't have any versatility unlike Navarro. I'm scared to play Cron at first. Wouldn't be surprised if Campana makes it over Cron, just because Campana can do so many things

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