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What is your Easter weekend routine?

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I just picked up my new dad this morning from the airport.  We went with my mom to the Newport Rib Co. for lunch.  Destruction of toilet followed. 


Weird not having my wife here to fill up the weekend.  Now I'm on this message board with the A's vs. Giants on the tube.  The crowd is having a blast.  I need to start some new semi-traditions. 


I'm going to me mum's tomorrow for Honey Baked Jamon.  My mom and sort of in-laws will be killing the chardonnay.  Mum dyes Easter eggs and makes us do a two minute Easter egg hunt.


Mother-in-Law won't eat the eggs since her background is as an infection control supervisor at a hospital.  She thinks if something's been sitting out for more than two minutes, it should be trashed.


My mom will give me some chocolate, but more hopefully, some red vines.  I will also be given some of those Easter eggs which I'll probably throw out in a couple days, worried I'll get some sort of funk.


Other than that, nothing too special or traditional.  And you?

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I don't really have a routine or anything. Wife is having some family over, and I figured after spending some time with the kids, I'd let them play with their cousins and relax and watch the Evil Dead trilogy and eat some ham. Sounds like a fun Easter.


Makes sense.  I watch "Invasion USA" each Thanksgiving.

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My mom hasn't made me an Easter basket in a few years. I'm pretty sad about that. My sister and 3 year old niece just got in from buffalo so we'll have an excuse to do an Easter egg hunt. I'll probably do Easter dinner with the bf's family since we never really do anything.

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I woke up late, cat patiently waiting by my side wondering how long it was going to take for her morning treat (a small helping of tuna).  Got up and immediately went to get mom some Easter flowers before they were either gone or the selection was down to the slim ghetto pickings.  Mom's know when the flowers you bring them are an afterthought.


Then, I went to my favorite donut shop and picked up that bad ass'd old fashioned donut dipped in chocolate.  Holy cow was that worth it!


DowningRules' Mom sings in her chapel choir and gets a good amount of joy on the rare occasion I show up when she sings.  Last night, I was on the fence about going to an Easter Vigil since I was feeling pretty low.  But I went and it was very touching.  They shut the lights off completely before the service starts, then the priest walks in from the back of the church with incense and the lights slowly come on.  This marks the ascension of Jesus (the purpose of the incense is, in part, to give a visual representation of rising upwards to heaven, which can be seen via the smoke).  I'm not getting all religious on you here, but you can use it as a metaphor for so many things.  I left the service feeling much less sad then when I entered. 


I got home after a trip to the yogurt shop.  I nailed that and a xanax.  I was a slovenly mess within a half-hour.  Planning on that chocolate dipped donut.  Happy Easter to you and yours.

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Visited my Ma, teenage nephs, and 7 year old neice. Brought some Easter goodies along and gave me 89 y o mum some Ken Bruen books. She likes the Noir stuff.

Made some turkey sammiches later at home, and put on some Daptone soul. Finishing the last of my Kiltlifter as I write this.

Happy Easter to all!

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I got home after a trip to the yogurt shop. I nailed that and a xanax. I was a slovenly mess within a half-hour. Planning on that chocolate dipped donut. Happy Easter to you and yours.

There should be a name for a frozen yogurt/Xanax combo. Laughing Cow is already taken so maybe it could be Chillaxtose Tollerant or Mellow Moos.
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i have a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 1/2 year old so we are still working out the family tradition stuff...its a blast though, they have fun with the smallest things.


went to church, enjoyed an early dinner with the whole family...now just relaxing watching some sh*tty Texas baseball...



Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday

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Masturbate, eat, drink, masturbate, go to the bathroom, sleep.



Sounds like a full day, Dawg.


I drove over to In 'n' Out, only to find them closed for the day, when no one else was.


My day started by being awakened at 6:45 AM (I'm on call for work this week and next) by someone needing a staff member's telephone number. I guess the administrator on call is directory assistance now.

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Lagwagon? NoFX? Screeching Weasel?

Do tell.


Well, it started with a Tool song stuck in my head but while on YouTube there were full albums on the side bar and I some how went from Tool, Alice In Chains, Rage, and Bush to just hitting a bunch of the Nitro albums starting with the first Offspring album into Guttermouth and The Vandals which lead to Epitaph on the sidebar and Pennywise, Descendents, Bad Religion, and Refused before leaving.  


Just 90's stuff I was listening to back in the day.


Strangely didn't see Lagwagon (although that was one I was going to search for) or Screeching Weasel, but NOFX was a constant on the side bar.

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