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7 minutes ago, bloodbrother said:

Lot of baseball left. So far so good though. Still think they'll eventually need to acquire another SP for the back of the rotation

I'd like to think they can internally fill the backend of the rotation.

What they might need, depending on where they are in July, is perhaps another SP with high upside (for a playoff run) or a SS.  The Boegarts idea in the other thread is interesting, but I am guessing the prospect cost will be high for him, even if he is viewed strictly as a 2 month rental.

Still early to know what we might need, but so far it might appear to be a SS, RHH 4th OF, a reliever (or two - all teams can usually use this), and perhaps another SP to slot in alongside Ohtani, Syndergaard, and Sandoval.

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If we pick up a good starter at the deadline I think we can easily win the division. Syndergaard and Lorenzen have been solid backing up Ohtani, but with a reliable anchor this could be a very strong team in the playoffs.

This has been a fun team to watch, I've kept worrying they'll fall apart, but these last two wins in Boston have shown they could be for real. What's better is we were somehow winning and in 1st place before Walsh and Ohtani started heating up the last few games. Taylor Ward has been one of the biggest surprises of the last 5 years. Maddon going with Ward and Perry shitcanning Upton is one of the best Angels management moves in a long time.

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1 hour ago, cals said:

You do understand men give each other crap as a means of expressing that they actually like and respect the person whom they are giving crap to?  We love AO so we express that by giving him a hard time.

I only feel a need to explain about male social interactions because lately it seems like this simple and well known fact has been forgotten and/or ignored and we’re all required to socially tiptoe around each other like a bunch of ill-natured ladies at high tea.

why don't you ask the guy who's getting crap and doesn't stoop to giving it out to anyone else if he actually appreciates it and considers it to be a complement or at least a sign of affection.  

You feel the need for justifying why you never make an attempt to read a room.  Hey, this is my personality and everyone should deal with it because I am who I am.  Why should I alter based on common courtesy or anyone else's personality.  

We're not required to do anything.  A lot of us just don't see the world as a bunch of random holes where we can jam our schwantz.  

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