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2013 Orem Owlz

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There's quite a lot to be excited about here.  I really want to take a look at Yency Almonte, supposedly he can become something special with time, tremendous upside. Harrison Cooney, Arjenis Fernadez, Dun Hurtado, Keynan Middleton, Cole Swanson, Stephen McGee, Jose Rondon, Eric Aguilera, Ryan Bolden, Riley Good and Chad Hinshaw all have upside.  


For me specifically, I'm most looking forward to seeing Bolden, Rondon, Almonte and Swanson. 

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Bolden's upside is why I want to see him.  I've heard/read some terrible reports about him, but would like to see for myself. But yes, I get the feeling that both he and Chevy Clarke will ultimately end up flaming out before they get to AA unless they make some kind of unheard of transformation int he way they approach the game. 

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At least Chevy cares about his performance. He just isn't good.



That kid cares to talk smack more than he seems to care about his performance..  If he cared about his performance, he would shut up more and work harder.  Been told by more than one scout that CC acts like a player much better than he is. In fact one guy I have a lot of faith in said that Chevy wouldn't amount to shit because he's perfectly content LOOKING good and failing than looking bad and winning.

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Average major leaguer?  


1. Cowart's really struggling in AA, but yes I do believe he'll be an average major leaguer or better someday. 

2. Bedrosian: I guess it'd depend on what an average major leaguer is.  I think in a few years Bedrosian will be a half way decent set up man. 

3. Donn Roach is doing very well in the Padres system and should be a 4th or 5th SP in the Majors. 

4. Kole Calhoun has put up the numbers at every level, I think if given an every day job he'd be an average major league starting OF. 

5. It's possible that in a couple years Schugel will emerge as a long reliever or spot starter in the majors. 

6. Taylor Lindsey learned to walk and has 10 HR's in AA, which Dcikey Stephens Park is probably the most difficult environment in the minors to do that in.  So he looks like he might actualy be an above average major league 2B. 


The draft was a colossal disaster given the amount of early picks the Angels had, but there were a couple bright spots who hav provided a ton of value for where they were selected, namely Lindsey and Calhoun. 

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