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Simmons, Calhoun and Trout Gold Glove

Second Base

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Trout has played some solid defense (the metrics don't seem to be a fan of his defense in general), and his main competition in CF Kiermeier has been hurt. It might finally be the year.

Calhoun is a stud out in RF and has developed a league-wide reputation as an elite defender.

Simmons is just the best defense shortstop I've ever seen, and he plays in a league that lacks truly elite defenders such as himself.

For such and awful team, we do have a few nice defenders. Maybe Cowart will win one someday too.

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In right field, Betts is at 29 DRS this year and Eaton is at 23. Those numbers are ridiculous. DRS prefers Betts, UZR prefers Eaton. What we can say for sure though is that both of them are ridiculously good and, if one of them doesn't win it, the world has gone mad. Pillar has to win the CF gold glove too.

Simmons has a pretty good shot at winning but Lindor is probably the favorite. They're pretty hard to split, but Simmons missed a significant chunk of the season. Neither would be a bad choice but I'd give Lindor the edge.

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4 minutes ago, mulwin444 said:

Couple thing to remember about the Gold Glove...Palmeiro won at 1B once while only playing 39 games; Jeter beat out Orlando Caberera one year, despite being superior in every way defensively, supposedly due to Jeter's offensive output.

Hard to think of a more meaningless award 


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On ‎9‎/‎16‎/‎2016 at 7:43 AM, Angel Oracle said:

I'm just glad to see Simmons hit solidly after the somewhat lengthy DL stay earlier in the year.

He has to be hitting over .300 since then.


" In 70 games from June 23 to Thursday — almost half a season — Simmons hit .333 with an .819 on-base-plus-slugging percentage, 72 points higher than his career .261 average and 146 points higher than his career .673 OPS."



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