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  1. The poster is real. https://www.aol.com/news/asian-american-black-latinx-activists-180016672.html
  2. https://twitter.com/AmiHorowitz/status/1267908030206816259?s=20
  3. Mom publicly beating her son after he threw rocks at the cops in Baltimore https://abc7.com/684791/
  4. Regardless of why Skaggs took the drugs, I pray that his family, his friends, his teammates and the fans can find peace in this tough situation. Not every question we have will be answered. Just one more month of this nightmare of a season, and the players need a nice mental break in the offseason to regroup for hopefully a productive and successful 2020.
  5. With Ohtani back in 2020, does the team experiment with the six man rotation again? With rosters expanding to 26 it wouldn’t cut into the depth of another part of the team like it did in 2018. Since Ohtani is coming off that TJS, I think it’s worth a look
  6. Thank you Chuck for sharing this moment with us. I’m not a parent, I couldn’t imagine going through something like that. Glad to hear that your grandson is doing well. That’s one tough kid. Wishing your family the best and God Bless I’d be the first to admit that I bash the Angels because I get too worked up sometimes. It’s because I grew to care about the team and sucks to see them perform so poorly when we know they had so much more potential. The loss of Skaggs was a terrible guy punch. It felt like I knew him, even though I never met him. I knew what loss felt like. I lost my m
  7. If they actually did that how big would the payroll be in 2021, like around 240 mil? The Trout extension kicks in that year and the overall payroll would be even higher if Simmons is extended. But by 2023 58 million comes off with Pujols and Upton deals expired
  8. Hey Chuck happy birthday man. Hope you had a good one.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/brianmctaggart/status/1156655740536406018. Stassi Trade complete
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