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Frieri will close in 2014


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Frieri, Burnett, Salas...plus De La Rosa, Kohn, Jepsen, Brasier/Roth/Etc.

Add Joe Smith and I guess I'm fine with that. Add two then Kohn and Jepsen are competing.

Morin should be up by midseason. Also Roth, Rasmus, Etc good pen.

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That's a little over the top IMO. I'm fine with Kohn, Jepsen, Salas, etc. fighting for a spot (or two if they get one really solid closer type).

I'd rather not have to watch Jepsen and Kohn pitch. We have already seen what they can do and that's nothing. They should be spending as much time with Blanton as possible.

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The way I see it, after the dumpster-fire of the last few years I'd be willing to scrap it all and find something that works.  The only guys in the Angels bullpen right now should be Frieri, DDLR and Burnett.  They need another setup man (not filled internally until proven capable), they need another lefty and they need projectable middle relief and a solid mop-up man. 


As far as the setup man goes, Joe Smith seems like an excellent option. 


As far as the additional lefty goes, let Boshers, Carson, Maronde, Sisk and Roth battle it out. 


As far as middle relief goes, slot Rasmus, Salas and Jepsen in there and promote Morin, Alvarez and Bedrosian at the earliest opportunity.


As far as the cleanup crew is concerned, Joe Blanton throws strikes and won't nibble.  

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I don't put too much into this, he's not going to say "We're gonna sign Wilson or Balfour". I agree with those who say he's just stating Frieri is our closer now but that doesn't mean it won't change between now and February. I'd be fine with letting Frieri be closer anyway as long as we signed like a Joe Smith and JP Howell.

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As much as Frieri is really bad, this team has so many needs and so few resources to fill them that we can't really give up too much of it improving the bullpen. But if this team is going to be any better than bad, we are going to need to find a way to make it better.

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