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lesson learned


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you want to trade trout for pitching?

lets see if they sign him to an extention... if they let this guy go the're stupider than even i think they are.


Offer him an long term extension this winter!  If he turns it down pay him 500K this year.


Offer him a better extension next winter (2014).  If he turns that down pay him the arbitration award.


If in the race, offer him another externsion in winter 2015

Trade him at mid year if the Angels are out of the race and get a boat load of talent.

If the Angels are in the race keep him.


Then offer him one more time an extension in 2016.  If he still turns it down, trade him for as much as you can get.


Simple strategy!

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Arte gambled and went "All In" with Pujols and Hamilton and got kicked in the nutts by both of them. In 2014 he's on the hook for $40M for just these two guys. Additionally he's paying Vernon Wells $18.6M to not play for us. Arte was counting on some playoff revenue in return and got skunked. I think Arte has lost trust in players and has seen enough of these long term multi-million dollar deals for the time being. Trout is going to have to wait.

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This season is Pujols' and Hamilton's LAST CHANCE.

If they tank yet again, screw them both forever and start the "Sell the team, Arte Moreno" chants!


we are in a world of caca if that happens.

man, i don't know what the team would do if that happened. guess we would get a more accurate estimate of how much money arte is willing to waste.

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If the org truly wants to win? What makes you think Arte doesn't want to win? His mistakes aren't based on him not trying to win. His mistakes are because he is trying to win NOW.


jmo strad- just a wierd feeling i sometimes get  that gate receipts are more important.

its only a feeling and im probably FOS.

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Well gate receipts are incredibly important, but it's not as impactful as tv viewership, especially being part owner of the station. The only way you get both is by winning, Arte knows this, I'm guessing much better than we do.


it is, at the bottom line a business. it would appear to my extremely uninformed opinion that winning would make them more money.

like to know the true turnstile numbers for this season v. the last 5 yrs.

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we actually don't know who learned what if at all.  if Vargas, Hanson, and Richards are our 3,4,5 with Blanton as a 6th man and Guttierrez, Kohn, Jepsen, and Boshers are seeing meaningful innings with a score differential of 2 runs or less, then we might finish .500.


hey doc

with the exception of richards and maybe vargas all these guys would be looking for another job if it was me.

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