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Taylor Ward - Knocked back to his old self?

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3 minutes ago, UBstrange said:

Hello, this is my first new topic since signing up.
I was thinking about when Taylor Ward faceplanted into the wall.  Obviously everybody knows that he wasn't the same after that.
But then I started thinking about how he got hit in the face with the ball last year and whether he'd ever be the same again, being traumatized twice in 2 years like that.  Strangely, it would almost appear like getting hit in the face has reverse-concussed him, if that's even a thing!  Like it somehow knocked him back into his old self.

Btw, fun random fact:  Taylor Ward's wife's name......is Taylor.

Great first post, @UBstrange!! Welcome to AngelsWin.com. 

To respond to your post, I'll take it.

Maybe the players literally RAN THROUGH A WALL for Ron Washington after his closed door meeting and it knocked some good sense and on the field success into them.

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28 minutes ago, Taylor said:

Taylor was originally a male name. It wasn't until the late 70s that it also became popular for girls. 

It’s not a first name you twit.  It’s the same as all the kids named Jackson or Parker.  At the end of the 80’s new parents all became douchebags.

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4 hours ago, Junkballer said:

It's totally a thing.  I saw it with my own eyes on Gilligan's Island.  Skipper concussed, got amnesia, concussed again, memory came back.  Science!

I haven't seen that episode, but I'm betting a coconut was involved!

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7 minutes ago, ThisismineScios said:


But really I think Ward could be a borderline All start this year.

I thought he might have gone for .400 up until he ran into the wall.  He felt unstoppable.  Almost like he had a cheat code.  He appears that way at the moment and I hope it lasts.  If it does, then yes, he could very well be an All-Star.
I honestly have no idea if the Angels should sign him to a 4-5 year extension because come July, if he's struggling mightily, I know how I am.  I'm going to want Moniak in there.

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2022 was in three parts for word: first part was unreal; second part was abyssmal; third part was great, but not quite as great as the first part. I expected big things last year, that he could at least be a bonafide .290/.900, 30 HR, 140 wRC+ guy.  He started really poorly then got going and got his face broken to bits.

My big concern this year was whether he had permanent damage to his eye and/or fear. But those concerns have been alleviated. I still think he's capable of the line above. 

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Taylor Ward has driven in at least one run in each of his last five games, which is tied for the longest RBI streak of his career...He also had a five-game RBI streak from Sept. 19-23, 2022.

Mike Trout and Taylor Ward have both homered three times across the Angels first six games of the season... The three home runs are tied with Adolis García (TEX), Jose Altuve (HOU) and Maikel Garcia (KC) for the American League lead...The only Angels player to reach 4+ HR in the Angels first seven games of a season was Tim Salmon in 1995.

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