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Mike Morin


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  • 4 weeks later...

How soon could Frieri be dealt, if he was the center piece to a deal to bring back a #3/#4 piece in the rotation?   Like say a Drew Smyly, who has been talked about on the main board as a potential target including Frieri in a deal?


Is Morin a better 8th inning fit and Alvarez a future closer fit?

Or is Morin an eventual closer?

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There's really no such thing as a specific fit for a specific inning, sometimes it just shakes out that way.  The only thing that matters for a reliever in his role is can he get hitters out in clutch situations at the major league level.  Now obviously guys with a better fastball tend to get away with more mistakes so they project into late inning relievers, but look at Scott Downs.  great reliever, never really threw harder than 89. 


Morin's fastball can sit 93-94 on a good day but mostly sits around 92, but his change up is otherworldly.  Same motion and everything it's just 13 mph softer, has all the movement in the world (like a Rodney change up) and he can spot it.  I haven't seen anyone really pick up on Morin yet, of course he's facing lower competition.  


As for Alvarez, 96-98 mph with movement and a deceptive release.  The ball just jumps on hitters.  A really tight wipeout slider too.  He just doesn't have Morin's control. 

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His numbers are off the charts, as is his fastball/changeup combo.

Overall:  56.1 innings, 0.88 WHIP, 1.60 ERA, 60/7 Ks/BBs ratio

AA: 17.1 innings, 0.82 WHIP, 1.04 ERA, 17/2 Ks/BBs ratio 


No Halos relief prospect has pitched in the minors like he has, going back quite a few years.

Only question is, future standout closer, or future standout key setup man?

Best part is, he's close to the bigs at just age 22.

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If Alvarez could harness his control enough, Morin/Alvarez is potentially one nasty 8th/9th inning combo.

Even better, if Frieri could harness his control just enough and throw a 2nd pitch just often enough, those 3 would be a nasty 7th through 9th innings combo, with hopefully Maronde eventually slotted in as the lefty guy. 

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I still see Morin as a set up guy just because the lack of power stuff.  He very well may be our best relief prospect since K-Rod.




Trevor Hoffman was lucky to break 85 MPH with his fastball, he managed 601 saves for his career. 

Change-ups may be the most underrated pitches in MLB currently.

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And I completely agree with you on the changeup being vastly underrated, and underutilized.  It puts quite a bit less stress on the elbow/shoulder than constantly throwing a slider/curve.  I've always maintained that I would teach my son (who is 5 now) to throw a fastball and change-up, and to focus on command of those two.

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