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Cubs shopping Contreras

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37 minutes ago, Angelsjunky said:

I started out by not taking the Trade Value Simulator all that seriously, but it has been uncannily accurate. Contreras has a 28.3 value to Marsh's 36.2, so you're right, it shouldn't require Marsh. The Cubs could either throw in a prospect or two, or the Angels could come up with a lesser package. Here are a couple packages that work via the simulator:

Contreras, Alzolay and a fringe prospect for Marsh

Contreras for Adams, Jackson, and Knowles


i would hate to lose both Adams and Jones, but i would make that deal yesterday.  Both will probably be very good in 3 years, but this club needs to win while the window is there.
We paid to keep Trout, we need to do what it takes to make him a winner. 
I might even take a paid down Heyward if i could keep the kids, pending how much they would kick in really solve their issues and keep our chips.

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