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Keynan Middleton and JC Ramírez

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1 minute ago, Dochalo said:

they should push JC's timetable back a bit.  Whatever it is.  

he hasn't been even close to sharp yet.  

His rehab assignment expires on Saturday (6/29), so at most he’ll have one more outing after tonight. He’s out of options so he’ll be in the majors by Sunday (6/30), barring a setback

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2 hours ago, Angel Oracle said:

Thanks a lot for NOTHING, Harvey and Cahill!

If you two did your freaking jobs this season. Ramirez and Middleton would have that much less pressure on them!


Neither Cahill or Harvey have any bearing on Middleton or Ramirez. They are both recovering from UCL surgery from the year before. The timetable for their return to pitching was locked in when the surgeon made the incision. Since then it's all about getting back into pitching shape, it's on them to be ready, no one else. 

They are not. That's on them and their bodies own recovery. Cahill or Harvey are not standing over them telling them to hurry up. They have problems of their own that has landed the both of them in purgatory. 

Once cleared to pitch Ramirez had a contractual deadline to rejoin the 25 man roster. It was not accelerated by anyone, it was a fixed timeline determined by the medical staff and MLB.

Now, Ramirez can elect to stay in the minors to recover his lost control but that, again, is on him. The only thing the Angels can do at this point is to hide him in the bullpen or IL him with a "back strain" as many players seem to come down with that when they are sucking. See @Lou for details.

In the meantime take your OCD meds and regroup, you're spinning out of control, again. 

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Ok, ok, my post was probably more directed at the frustration from the lack of starting pitching, and letting that frustrate me even more when seeing Ramirez and Middleton have probably perfectly normal setbacks from TJS comebacks.   

I will be ELATED when the rotation in some future season can actually average about 5 2/3 innings/start as a group.

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2 hours ago, RBM said:

Thanks for this Jeff. I use the attached MLB.com link to reference team transactions and there is also a link to injury updates. The team/league does not keep it very current. Is there a better source? That is, besides you.



I think most of the fantasy sites keep a pretty good log of injury updates, basically by following the updates that the beat writers report. 

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14 hours ago, RBM said:

Well, the MLB.com injury updates are terrible. Last update on Ramirez was on 5/20 and the last update on Middleton was on 6/13. You would think Major League Baseball would have a better system in place.


Well there’s no on on Earth who reports from more Angels games than me. So you’d better just follow me and subscribe to the OCR.

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