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Come eat your crow

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I don't think this thread is appropriate. People have their opinions, some by their own poor judgement, others molded by talking heads in the media. In the end we all are guilty of being wrong when it comes to making predictions or declarations about what the organization should do or choices players will make regarding their future. Sometimes we get wound up in our own POV and shut out other information that may lead to a different thought process.

That said. Hahahahahaha, some of you were really wrong. 

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16 minutes ago, Stradling said:

Ok, here’s your thread to come eat some crow.   The rational people will wait patiently for the loud mouth people who were sure Trout was gone to come in here and get what you deserve. Hell even Claude stopped by to admit he was wrong.   So let’s have it jackasses.  


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Appropriately checking into this thread. Strad, Doc and many others here were right about Trout. I was way wrong. (waiting for @Louto I agree  me 85+ times) I’m definitely eating crow but in a way, it’s bittersweet. Go Trout and Go Angels. Opening Day is coming so I’m looking forward to a more relaxed approach to Angels Baseball. Eppler with Trout, Ohtani and Adell bring a bright future. Now please let me eat my crow peacefully!  ?


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My guess is he saw Harper and said, F*ck no I don't want to play with that moron for 13 years. Guess i'll stay with the Angels. Or......would he have left if Scioscia was still the manager?  @Stradling Guess well never know, my guess is yes because Scioscia was terrible :)

At one point I thought he may be leaving, but not because of his family or his hometown, more to do with the teams ability to put a winning product on the field. I'm glad he's staying, he's been far and away my favorite player to watch since Griffey.

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17 minutes ago, Angelsfan1984 said:

Not as unnerving as the taco bell I just had and I have to drive an hour to get home. Should I chance it?

Which FWY?  I will be listening to the traffic reports... just in case you... umm.... make a mess.

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49 minutes ago, ten ocho recon scout said:

In all the hoopla, id kind of forgotten, the nats did get screwed.

Meh, pretty good ball club there still. Soto, Scherzer, Strasburg, Corbin, Rendon, Eaton, Turner, Doolittle, Robles (top 5 prospect). Losing him for nothing sucks but that's a squad I expect to contend still

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