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I suffered with a horrible case of it for two years. I couldn't walk straight, I felt like I was walking on a bouncing small boat and looking the wrong way caused head spins. Some attacks neared vomiting. 

If this is what your symptoms are BPPV might be what you are experiencing. Most doctors are clueless trying to diagnose Vertigo and start prescribing medications but it could be as simple as rocks in your head.

BPPV is Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and is caused by small particles of silica breaking loose in your inner ear and triggering your motion sensors giving your brain false information as to your balance.

A twenty minute test with a physical therapist can rid you of this. No probes, x-rays, needles, or drugs, just some simple head movement that clears the silica from the inner ear.

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12 hours ago, Lou said:

holy crap

what have you done with our omnibenevolent Tank? 

he tried to fire me and several other teachers without ever visiting our classrooms or talking to us, or without having any cause. he listened to every rumor he ever heard and treated it as gospel. he alienated nearly everyone on the staff by his bully tactics. he ended up being accused of siphoning money (circumstantial evidence strongly supported this but they could never find a smoking gun of evidence to prove it beyond question) from the school and was put on administrative leave instead of being fired, but that was it for his career here. 

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