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What has happened to the base stealing?

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After close to a decade of stealing bases at a solid rate, the Halos are only 12 for 24 so far, LAST in the AL in both steals and success % (50%).

On pace for just 54 steals

Even Trout is just 5 for 7. His OBP is still a respectable .350, and thus that doesn't totally account for the decrease in his attempts. Extrapolate that to a .400 OBP, and he would still only be on pace for 27 SBs, just over half what he had in 2012.

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Poor decision making by our manager is the obvious answer.


But having said that, the protest incident in Houston seems to have changed something; I like Scioscia, I want him to succeed, and he seems a little more invested since that deal the other night.



Go Halos, make it four in row!

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AO, another big issue is the caught stealing. Teams are stealing 88% against our catching and opponents are 19-0 in stealing bases against Blanton, Lowe, Vargas and Hanson.


So many pitchers with slow delivery to the plate has been a big problem.


As for the Angels CS, most of the Angels are being caught on failed hit and runs, not straight steals. So the number of true steal attempts is actaully very low.

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The hit and run has truly not been very good so far. It's 6 weeks into the season, and thus it's no longer just a slump thing.

Has Scioscia lost the ability to know when to put it on? Or teams know us like a glove now, and control it more than they used to? Or too much pressing leading to bad decisions? All of the above?

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Pujols has completely put a stop to Trout's steals.

I have seen at least 4 attempts where Pujols ruined it by swinging and fouling it off.

Yep. There was one game in which Pujols had the day off and Hamilton was batting third. Trout stole successfully in Hamiton's first at bat. 

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I think our team as constructed does not play to Scioscia's strengths as a manager.


I like Mike; I will always appreciate the fact he led us to World Series title; I hope he can find a way to adjust to the team we have and make better decisions going forward.; but I also think baseball managers have a certain shelf life and that 10-year contract didn't do our team or him any favors.

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