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Cheap O Air

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My wife and I booked a flight to Dublin and had to cancel it back in March due to her becoming sick. The issued us a 1500 dollar flgiht credit since we purchased insurance. One representative told us there would be a $250 dollar per person fee for changing flights, while another said there would be no charge. They sent us an email stating there was a $50 per person cancellation fee which I agreed to, the email than stated we had $1500 dollars in credits and then is stated there will be a $0.00 dollar fee for changing flights. I have am going to rebook the flight tonight, but this time going to Paris, and than a return flight from Dublin.


I have been told dealing with Cheap O Air is a nightmare. Doing research online, whenever you call them, they always say that the flights are not current and you have to purchase a more expensive flight, even though online has cheaper prices listed. I also have a feeling they are going to charge me $250 per person fee for changing flight. Over the phone they told me I can book any flight from anywhere, as long as I use either KLM, Air France or Delta. The email does state that depending on the policy, I may need to book the flight to the same location. I am worried they will make me fly into dublin and than out of dublin.


Have you guys dealt with Cheap O Air before. I am nervous as hell to call them because of all the crap I read online about them.

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I used them twice before. No problems the 1st go around, but the 2nd time was a nightmare. I had to call in and speak with a supervisor just so I can get my itinerary sent so I wouldn't miss the flight. I won't use them ever again. Good luck, Happybat. You're gonna need it.

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They ended up charging me the $250 per person fee to change flights. They told me they have me on voice saying that. I asked if they could send me the audio and they said they are not allowed to do that. I then asked if they could put the phone up to the speaker so I can her myself say I accepted the $250 per person fee, of course they said they are not allowed to do that. I was expecting they would charge me that, since one guy over the phone did say that while I was cancelling the flight. They did however reimburse my $100 dollar cancellation fee that I paid previously, so at least I got something.


I rebooked the flights with the 500 dollar in credit reduction. When my wife and I were going to Ireland in March, the round trip ticket was 1500 for both of us. Not to fly into Paris and leave from Dublin in late May to Early June is 2700 for both, what a difference.


I am trying to confirm my tickets with KLM, they are saying they don't have anything. Hopefully this will not be a problem and they are just late getting the info. I will keep checking.

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