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Complete Stadium Give Away Bobble Head list?

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Does anyone know where I can find a complete list of Angel Stadium Give-Away Bobbleheads?  This is what I have found but I don't think it's is complete.  Any help you have is appreciated.


2014 Josh Hamilton

2014 Mike Trout

2014 Albert Pujols


2013 Mike Trout

2013 Mark Trumbo

2013 C.J. Wilson


2012 Albert Pujols

2012 Peter Bourjos


2011 Kendry Morales

2011 Dan Haren

2011 Angels Gnome Bobblehead


2010 Erick Aybar

2010 Snoopy

2010 Joe Saunders

2010 Hideki Matsui

2010 Torii Hunter


2009 Ervin Santana

2009 Mike Napoli


2008 Mike Scioscia

2008 John Lackey

2008 Torii Hunter


2007 Tim Salmon

2007 Jered Weaver


2006 Bartolo Colon Cy Young Figurine

2006 Vladimir Guerrero Silver Slugger

2006 Chone Figgins Sliding


2005 Vladimir Guerrero

2005 Darin Erstad Gold Glove

2005 Garrett Anderson


2004 Rally Monkey


2003 Rally Monkey


2002 Bobby Grich

2002 Rod Carew

2002 Brian Downing


2001 Tim Salmon

2001 Garrett Anderson

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I've seen the same list you just put online somewhere. Yea it's somewhat incorrect.


First off the Bartolo Cy Young and 2008 Torii weren't bobbleheads, they were figurines. Also one of the Rally Monkeys weren't a bobblehead (I would give the exact one but I'm not at home, I'm at work.


Also on your list make sure you note that there are two versions of the Kendry Morales bobblehead. One as a lefty and one as a righty.



I'm 5 away from having a complete SGA bobblehead collection.

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I found this list and added to it with what I knew was missing. 2010 Matsui and 2011 Haren.


I have 2008 Hunter and it's a Bobblehead but maybe 2010 is a figure (granting you grace while you're at work)

Yea, I was unsure about that one also. 2010 was the figure of him catching the ball over the wall with the AL West champion years behind him on the wall.

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