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I felt bad for Bylsma in that press conference after the game. Reporters just kept finding different ways to ask him if he should be fired.


You could tell how emotional and upset the guy was.


That being said, I think this is the right move. Too many questionable decisions, and as Pierre pointed out once, or twice, or a thousand times, he was being outcoached by AV.

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Long overdue. Would have liked to have seen it after the debacle against Boston last year. The team has become very soft in the face of adversity (USA Olympics ring a bell?). Discipline is poor, and effort is low. Bylsma seems like a great guy, but as a coach, he has become ineffective.

Shero has drafted terribly. I read the other day that the leading scorer among forwards he has drafted (since 06) has a whopping 15 goals scored in the NHL. He made some nice deadline moves, but at the expense of high picks. The Letang contract is a disaster. I wanted him traded after last year, with value high, and was disappointed with the money they threw at him instead. Now, with his health concerns, it looks even worse.

For the first time, I am down on Sid. Whatever outside perception has been, he has played the game hard his entire career. Plays in high traffic areas, tough on the boards, hard to the net, etc. Until before the last Olympics. Something has changed. He has been content to play outside the dots, and 4 out of 5 passes are no-look drop passes to the other team. I don't know if injuries have taken a mental toll on him, or if the compete level just isn't the same. Whatever it is, the team has suffered for it. No excuse for him to have playoff games where he plays over 20 minutes and has 1 or 2 shots.

I hope there isn't a huge step back, but this needed to happen.

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New GM will decide Bylsma's fate.

But I thought that "prick" Crosby was behind it all?


By the way, that notion that he is deciding peoples fate in that organization is ridiculous. That isn't how the Penguins are run.

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i love crosby and would take him on my team in a heartbeat.


whoever is in charge of the defense needs to be sent packing, also. the penguins have so much fire power, but then it seems every playoff game their defense just simply disappears inexplicably and unfortunately at the most inopportune times. fluery is a quality goalie, but the d-men in front of him have got to be held more accountable and perform at a higher level.


i hoped that getting scuderi back would help that issue, but his presence wasn't enough.

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Sid is one more concussion away from real problems though. Pronger-esque problems.

They need to toss Fleury. I could see them singing Hiller or Miller.

Also they were thinking Kunitz and Dupuis are top line players - they aren't. They have 3 legit top 6 players.

gmjr for malkin.

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Crosby is not going anywhere.

The defensive breakdowns were very alarming, but the offense shares all blame for the recent playoff struggles. The failures have been team wide. Fleury has simply not been good enough either. He is so athletic, but maddeningly inconsistent. Every single time he leaves the crease to play the puck, I hold my breath.

Tank, I was excited for Scuds' return, but honestly, he really struggled this year. I hate to say it, but it looks as if age hit him all at once. He looked painfully slow at times, and struggled just winning battles to clear the puck.

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Lol @ Defending Crosby.


Pretty much every national hockey writer and insider has written about how the dude is a cancer in the locker room and that none of the other players like him.  It even came up during the Olympics.


Has tons of talent, is a total prick.  He is Kobe.

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