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Last Year . . .

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Well we got blown out in the first three and have been very competitive since then. I know a lot of people say, "well we were playing Seattle and Houston". I don't really think it matters who we play if we play good baseball. I wish we had a better option that Ian Stewart but other than that I like our offensive and defensive team. McDonald has made a couple of errors, but on the defensive side of the ball he is the least of our worries. That play he made last night with his back to the infield (like a catcher on a pop up) was a very tough play. This team last year sucked defensively. I can only count, what four errors in the first nine games? Maybe its five, but to the naked eye it sure seems like we have played a lot better defensively. We give Shuck a hard time, but he is a perfect fifth outfielder, or now fourth outfielder. He can hit a little, not for power, but he will get his fair share of singles and get on base at about .320 percent of the time. He also can run the bases and while not stellar with the glove it looked like he improved as the season went on last year. Cowgill has a better arm and a better glove than Shuck, but doesn't get on base as much. He has a little more pop than Shuck, but runs the bases equally well. If it were up to me, I would probably give Ibanez all of April and maybe all of May depending on our play, and if a change is needed then bring up Cron. As it relates to Ian Stewart, I would rather have Jimenez or Green up here. If it is Green then let him play second a little bit and move Howie out to left, although this weakens us at two positions defensively. Or you play Howie at first on days where Albert needs a DH day. This team will succeed based solely on the play of Albert and Hamilton (when he comes back) and the bullpen. We need more than two guys that can do the job down there. <gets off soap box>

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The fortunate thing is Texas not doing much of anything either, a stark departure from their recent fast starts.


If Hamilton was out just 4 weeks instead of the probable 8 weeks (10-12 weeks actually, since it's the Halos), I could stomach having Shuck and Cowgill share LF. 

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