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Dickey-Stephens Park = San Manuel Stadium

Llewyn Davis

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I knew Dickey-Stephens Park in the Texas League (AA) was a big pitcher's park. I did not know that San Manuel Stadium in the California League (A+) is basically the same.


Dickey-Stephens Park: 0.818 R, 0.522 HR, 0.888 H

San Manuel Stadium: 0.793 R, 0.552 HR, 0.920 H


Calhoun's line (age 23) at San Manuel was .312/.382/.476 (.858 OPS), .164 ISO

Borenstein's line (age 22) at San Manuel was .327/.388/.551 (.939 OPS), .224 ISO

Yarbrough's line (age 21) at San Manuel was .328/.350/.448 (.798 OPS), .120 ISO

Snyder's line (age 22) at San Manuel was .289/.364/.520 (.884 OPS), .231 ISO

Cron's line (age 22) at San Manuel was .264/.301/.384 (.685 OPS), .120 ISO

Lindsey's line (age 20) at San Manuel was .304/.350/.407 (.757 OPS), 103 ISO

Grichuk's line (age 20) at San Manuel was .294/.327/.475 (.802 OPS), .181 ISO


Surprised to see Borenstein and Snyder with the only ISOs above .200. Borenstein was actually the only player to post an OPS above .900. Snyder got close. He seems underrated to me. Calhoun did well there. Cron struggled big time there. Lindsey's power was still developing when he was there. We saw some of that development this season. 

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This is interesting and is completely the opposite of what I had heard about the environment there. I was always under the impression that it was more of a hitters environment. Now obviously the pitching at AA will be more advanced than A+, but still.


Yep, that's one of the big misconceptions among Angels fans -- it's a pitcher's park in a hitter's league which ties in pretty well to Angel Stadium's situation.  For me it's also what makes the Angels AAA team being in SLC so odd.  Pitchers get to AAA pitching a certain way, then get lit up because the park plays so differently and they have to adjust not just to more advanced hitters but also the park.  It used to be the old Travs park played like a hitter's park so guys made those adjustments in AA.


Anyway -- those of you interested in park effects and in particularly park effects Vs handedness should check this site out http://statcorner.com/index.php


The park effects listed are straight from STATS Inc and are adjusted much more often than most freely available sites.  It's also one of the few sites that lists park effects for LD rate and the sort -- which is where youll see the biggest different between IE and Arkasas.  If you look at individual players it does an amazing job of tracking things like pull rates, LD rates, FB rates, GB rates and it allows for league adjusted rates..


For people looking to make statistical comparisons without the benefit of any sort of tools assessments it's vastly more informative than simply looking up the raw numbers at places like BBA or MiLB.com

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San Manuel also has high fences, which cuts the HRs down as well.


This is why first Calhoun, and now Borenstein both were vastly underrated in what they did in their high-A seasons.

It is entirely possible that Borenstein will also become a rock solid MLB hitter, with his compact swing and decent/solid plate discipline.   

I envision an OF by sometime in 2015 of Borenstein/Trout/Calhoun, with Hamilton moving to DH as he will be around 34 by then. 

Cron would then back up both Hamilton and Pujols, if still with the org.

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