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2 ladies shot by LAPD during Dorner manhunt

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"I'm sorry to say that they're not doing well,"



- 102 bullet holes in truck (did not specify if it were 5 shot gun blasts with buck shot or shards of glass).

- Elder lady been in and out of hospital since incident. Family is afraid she will not pull through this (Apparently she will NOT be back to work anytime soon).

- Still hasn't received the truck they were promised. (Inexcusable)

- Going through financial burden due to inability to work. 

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The officers are being punished hard I see. Coffee and donuts while filling out some paper work and collecting full time salary. Man, justice has been served.

... by your reasoning, this is how we see you playing hockey.  You dropped your stick btw..  bwahahahahhaha


477 Ã— 317 - blog.bullz-eye.com

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LAPD/City of L.A./LAPD Union needs to step-up and help these ladies.  Waiting for their drwan-out investigation is dead-wrong.  THEY screwed-up; time to do the right thing.



You would think so.  But I have a feeling a bunch of lawyers and politicians are telling them not to pay it out.  


There is the right thing to do.  And the legal/liable thing to do.  And much of the time it's not the same.

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The second the LAPD gets them a new truck, the LAPD admits guilt, not that guilt isn't appearant already.

The internal inquiry will find the officers justified in their actions, then the civil case will be settled out of court a year or two down the road. This family is screwed until then, which will make the LAPD lawyers happy because they'll be willing to accept a smaller settlement than they would otherwise if the family had some money set aside to weather the financial storm.

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ALL Departments/City managers are the same way; Cover their asses either by dragging-out these types of investigation, or hanging Officers out to dry...


I don't see how this can be determined a justified-shooting... but regardless of the political outcome there, LAPD shot the wrong people and should step-up to help these folks any way possible.

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From what Ive seen LAPD has already offered a 2013 Ford F150 valued at over $32k. The dealership is paying all fees and taxes. But the snag is the attorney of the women refuses them to have to submit a 1099 tax form for accepting a donation.


There is going to be a massive lawsuit and the department is going to pay out. Hopefully the women pull thru but doesnt sound good. Just a bad situation all around.

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