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Bobby Valentine: Perry was set to trade Ohtani at deadline, Arte stopped him


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Woah to the interview and Bobby V's statement not your response to it @Taylor ....

This still shows a level of dysfunction and flip flopping by Arte and what he allows or doesn't or changes his mind at the last minute then everyone has to row the other direction.

I get it. As a fan. No one wanted Ohtani gonzo.

MLB Rule changes didn't help at all. 

Would had been nice to see the proposed package of players...

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3 minutes ago, Angels_Make_Me_Drink said:

I saw on Reddit that Bobby also said he believes the Angels' were given a chance to match but it was too expensive for Arte, he believes?

Only if he decided to sell again in the next few years. As a new owner may not like the Deferred money #'s.

However, losing the cash cow and the Pacific Rim Sponsors is going to degrade the valuation of the club across the same time. I would believe he lost in essence 750M-1B in valuation across the next 10years?

***And the sale of the property was never finalized correct?*** 

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Can we just get over it, he’s gone and he’s a dodger for life. Arte sucks yes. He should have sold yes. But at the end of the day he’ll continue to spend this off-season, god only knows on what. However this franchise has been through worse times than this. This is the fandom we chose and no matter how many times I tell myself I’m done watching this team I always come back and have that tiny sliver of hope going into a season, which is more than what most teams can say.

It’s time we all just accept Ohtani is gone and he’s where he wants to be

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I did point out that it was interesting that his deal with the Dodgers is contingent on the current ownership and Fredman remaining in place. Additionally Arte runs his team off of the annual budget religiously and has never taken on debt to fund the team. The deal with the Dodgers and all the deferred money, which will ultimately need to be paid when Ohtani is no longer on the team, is something Arte would hate.

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