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Women of Angels Baseball: Trina Berberet

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By Ellen Bell, AngelsWin.com Staff Writer - 

Trina Berberet knows what it’s like to be a fan.

In fact, the Angels Entertainment Coordinator has been cheering on teams for years. 

The Tesoro High graduate raised school spirit as part of an award winning dance team. While a student at Cal State Fullerton, Berberet was a member of the Angels Strike Force and the Anaheim Ducks Power Players, where she encouraged fans to get up and cheer. 

So it would seem only logical that this former cheerleader would find herself working at Angels Stadium, coordinating the things that help to fire up the crowd. 

As Entertainment Coordinator, Berberet oversees the game presentation. Basically, she works with everything that happens on the field besides the game itself: the video clips, music, anthem singers, and the scoreboards. 

For Berberet, game time is showtime, and every night is different. 

“You need to stay on your toes and be ready for anything,” she said. “There’s something new everyday.”

One of Berberet’s main responsibilities is managing the Angels Strike Force entertainment squad, who launch t-shirts into the stands before the games and enthusiastically move lucky fans to better seats. But the Strike Force squad does more than just spread Angels cheer during the games. They also act as community relations ambassadors at charity events and local appearances, something which gives Berberet personal satisfaction.

“I’m proud of our organization and the reputation we have in the community,” she said. “The Strike Force represents the Angels and the response is always very positive. It makes me feel good to be part of it.”

Another interesting facet of her job is the interaction that she has with players. Berberet’s experience as a broadcast journalism major and a reporter for Fullerton’s Daily Titan serves her well, especially when she is compiling the video clips and interviews of players that are played during the season. Sometimes she gets a chance to see a side of the Angels that most fans do not see, like when the players filmed segments for the “Ballpark Behavior” video that plays before every game.

“My supervisor and our associate producer came up with the funny hat idea.” she explained.  â€œWe laid out all the hats on a table and let the players pick the one they wanted to wear. Most of them had fun with it; some really got into character. Ernesto Frieri had us laughing the entire time.”

The only drawback for Berberet is the fact that her job keeps her from experiencing the game like the rest of the fans. 

“It’s hard to just sit and watch the game,” she said. “I notice too many things, like what’s on the scoreboard or what music is playing.”

All in all, Trina Berberet loves her job. For an Orange County local who grew up coming to games as a little girl, working for the Angels is a dream come true. 

“Everyday when I drive up to Angels Stadium, I think, ‘I can’t believe I get to work here.”


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"They also act as community relations ambassadors at charity events and local appearances"


So then we'll be seeing Ms. Berberet and the squad at our AW "Charity" Softball Tournament?


Good job Trina. I've always enjoyed myself at the park, and last night was no exception. Keep up the good work.

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