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Which position player goes when we cut to 26?


Which position player would you send down when the roster reduce to 26?  

40 members have voted

  1. 1. Which position player would you send down when the roster reduces to 26?

    • Velazquez
    • Wade
    • Duffy
    • Adell
    • Fletcher
    • I would send down 2 pitchers

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Just now, mmc said:

Nah, don't mess with what's got him hot right now.  Would much rather see Adell go on, so he can play everyday, and the team can have Marsh-Trout-Ward every day.

That's the best starting outfield, obviously. Not sure I like Wade as the 4th outfielder, though. If they send Adell down, maybe they need to put one of Dillon Thomas, Monte Harrison or Magneuris Sierra on the taxi squad.

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I get the Velazquez thinking, even though I disagree with it. He brings the best SS defense, and like Wade (as a pinch runner), has value as a late game sub for that reason. 

I don't get the Duffy votes, and I'm glad anyone who voted for him isn't the GM. It would be a waste of a valuable resource since he can't get sent down. Also, he's still one of the better hitters on the team at the moment. 

I'd either send down a reliever or Adell. I don't think the minors have anything to teach Adell, but it's better than warming the bench, and he's not likely to get much more playing time unless one of the other three gets injured. 

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45 minutes ago, Blarg said:

The Angels need a 4th outfielder. Just putting one of Duffy or Wade out there doesn't help. Shifting Walsh out there is a good way to weaken defense at two positions. So one of the middle infielders is expendable. 

Yeah.  I don't see Adell being sent down for that reason.  Duffy is signed to a MLB contract (no options, unlikely to be cut now) and Wade is out of options as well, which makes it seem like it would be Velazquez who gets sent down by process of elimination.

Of course, perhaps one of Duffy or Wade becomes "injured" .. always a possibility. 

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6 minutes ago, Blarg said:

Having guys that don't specialize in the outfield causes more problems than solve. The Angels don't need five middle infielders for two positions. Carrying a fourth outfielder is pretty much standard practice for rosters. 

It's not helping Adell develop by sitting him most of the week, imo. Bring up an actual bench outfielder, not a guy who needs playing time. 

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