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Midterm Report Card

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without breaking down individual performances, i don't see how any aspect of this team offense, defense, pitching, managing, coaching, front office and ownership could get any grade other than an F on every front.


this team has been awful, truly awful, and with no real end in sight. hard to watch and a bummer to think about, but you've got to trust somebody in the organization and i trust artie, dipoto, trout and trumbo.


those are my guys.

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Trout and Trumbo are easy A's. Howie is a B only because his situational hitting still blows. Iannetta has been great at the plate and gets no help from his pitchers as far as base running goes. He gets a B from me. 

Trumbo and Trout are our best players, but I would say A- or B+ for Trout. He has not been particularly clutch and has been somewhat inconsistent. Same with Trumbo. Pujols gets a D and Hamilton a D. The Front Office needs a grade, and they deserve nothing more than a D at best. The team is poorly constructed, overburdened with contractual obligations, depleted at the farm level, and has failed to hold field leadership accountable.


Pitching should be graded.

Starting Rotation:

Weaver: IC not enough to grade on, so incomplete for now. He has been good when available.

Vargas: C+. Been solid for much of the year, but 'A' level pitchers don't give up 3 or 4 run leads in one inning after being handed that lead. They find a way to shut the door or limit damage. He doesn't do that.

Blanton: D- Pitched better as of late, but has a propensity to eat up a teams' patience rather than innings. One is supposed to supply an occasional batting practice to their own team during workouts, not provide such for the opposition.

Hanson: D  Based on what little we have seen. Not particularly reliable while on the mound.

CJ:  C  See Vargas. Too little return for what is being paid out. Inconsistent. blowing that 6-1 lead lowered an already disappointing grade. Has no will to slam the door, lack of confidence - and of course, the poor stats.

Jerome: A  Saved our teams' bacon and showed leadership by taking the bull by the horns and giving us a lift. We are still screwed, but without Jerome, we'd even be farther down the AL West totem pole. I put him in the rotation since his manager seems bent on relegating this talented pitcher to a mop up role.


Aggregate Score of Starting Rotation:  C-


Bull Pen:

(no need to grade departed flops as we already know what their grade would be. To be DFA'd from the Angels Bull Pen already speaks volumes)


Downs: B- Has been better as of late and is showing some signs of last season's first half

Frieri: B-  Some poor outings, and the propensity of putting everybody and their brother on base has clouded an otherwise pretty good season. Will never be an elite closer as he is unable to develop a go-to secondary pitch that can be counted upon.

Kohn: C-  Where do we dig up some of these kids? Has had some good outings, overall not one you can really rely upon. Hampered by the fact that homeplate is not the size of the average dry wall panel.

Richards: C   Good stuff has not translated into good stats overall. Showing glimpses of what he can do. Hampered by poor control and poor coaching. Not consistent owing to poor control. Also, has been given the opportunity of a life time and has yet to truly seize upon the moment to make the best of an opportunity.

Jepsen: IN  Hard to give a grade based upon him not being available for much of the season. He is injury prone, which makes it hard for him to get into a groove with his above average stuff.

Coello: Maybe garners a higher score. Loading up the bases late in a game is a sure way to find one's self plastered on a bus seat traveling between AA venues for one's career. Simply having a gimmick pitch does not a great reliever make. Potential is there to do well with more confidence, being able to get that forkball knuckler over the plate in any count and situation, and a better command of the strike zone. Oh, better coaching would also be a must.

De La Rosa: Sorry, but being demoted from this august group can only rate you as a major league failure. Has good stuff and life on his pitches, but is wildly inconsistent, unsure, lacks a reliable secondary pitch. This kid has career AAA player written all over him.

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Ed, Trout has been a top 10 player in baseball so far this year. He's been awesome yet again. 


Trumbo continues to make adjustments year after year. He looks like a legit .850 OPS type bat. 


Pujols is playing through pain so I'll give him a bit of a pass.


Hamilton doesn't even deserve a D. 

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The Albert Pujols deserves an F. Dude has a WAR, according to FanGraphs, of 0.0.

The Willingness to Win would grade out at a 30 on the 20-80 scale. That's all that matters.

Which is why he should be on the DL. Bat speed and power is most definitely still there.

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