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Miggy, Romine ejected after benches clear


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5 minutes ago, AngelsFaninGA said:

My favorite part of the video was those guys sprinting out of the bullpen at full speed. Probably the most action they've seen in a while

Always amuses me how they run 100 yards to push and shove a little, why don't they stay in the bullpen and fight each other! :)


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Sanchez is a punk.  Running around and sucker punching people while they are on the ground.  How he hasn't been ejected is insane.   Pretty cool to see McCann hit a bomb after getting hit in the head by a pitcher earlier in the game.

The umps really screwed the pooch on this game.  Sanchez getting hit was CLEARLY intentional an inning after hitting a bomb, but the pitcher wasnb't tossed and no warnings were issued, but Kahnle gets thrown out immediately on his pitch behind Miggy.  Girardi had a valid beef here from the few replays that are available.  But of course, they are just highlights and not the full story so who knows.

4 people hit by pitches now?  8 ejections.  Going to be suspensions after the fact too, hopefully for people like Sanchez.


That said, gotta love the Yankees getting the short end of the stick, plus looking like they are going to lose as well.  Nothing like pending suspensions for multiple people on a team in a playoff race!



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Hey Cabrera, you ain't Juan Marichal.

And the way you've hit this season, you couldn't do any damage anyway, if swinging a bat at a player's head.

Don't worry Tiggers, we understand perfectly how you feel about paying Cabrera $184 million over the next 6 seasons.

Agreed that Gary Sanchez is a punk.    Sucker punching people has no place in baseball.

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49 minutes ago, Jobu said:

Tigers turning on each other... Verlander is a dork.



Yet another reason I've never liked JV. Especially all that BS about Aybar's bunt during his no-hitter. Goddamn cry baby can f-off. :D

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2 minutes ago, Troll Daddy said:

Luv the baseball brawls ... would love to see Trout go after another player and get ejected 

That might fire this team up. Those highlights would play for a long time. 

I would trade one of Nolan Ryan's no hitters for us for his classic uppercut headlock beat down of Robin Ventura. Would have been great to see that in an Angels uni 

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