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  1. Also worth considering is the possible qualifying offer Joc could receive at the end of the season. There’s at least some value in that draft pick
  2. Since a trade hasn’t happened yet I feel the asking prices are sky high. It might be best to sign Wood now and seek a trade during the season. Marsh and other prospects might have gained value at that time as well. More starters are likely to be available once some teams have lost their playoff hopes.
  3. The small mom and pop outfits don’t have the time and resources to fight the obstacles. What the law really does is outsource the work beyond the state.
  4. This law affected my work. I freelance write for several publications and have had to cut back how many articles I write for them. I would write a weekly column but now that puts me over the limit of full time employment status. These are small family publications that barely squeak by and could never afford the extra costs of having multiple full-time employees.
  5. Great read for those wanting to see how FanGraphs projects Rendon to produce $270m of value over the life of this contract. Caution, It compares him to similar players and may cause arousal. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/anthony-rendon-deserves-the-equivalent-of-the-bryce-harper-deal/
  6. Kluber pitched all of 35.2 innings last year to a 5.80 ERA. Don’t we have enough of those
  7. I feel like Lindblom could have been a 160 inning 4-4.5 era guy. Or in other words a Bundy type guy. But it’s hard to evaluate Korean guys over the internet.
  8. Interesting article on the cause of the home run spike. If this is true and seams are lower wouldn’t spin rate by pitchers have been affected? https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28273986/uptick-home-runs-attributed-seam-heights-batting-techniques-not-juiced-balls
  9. Eppler said they are still working on acquiring a front line starter. But out of all the names mentioned as available in trade or free agency I wouldn’t call any of them “front line”. So who the heck are they talking about? The most disappointing part about losing Cole is I think it means losing Marsh (our best trade chip). And are they going to use him to acquire a number 3 because that’s all that’s being made available? I would ask Eppler but he hasn’t been taking my calls
  10. I feel things are about to get real interesting for the Angels. If they grabbed Cole they’d need a catcher and may not have had a lot of resources left for more moves. Now Eppler will have to get more creative. One things certain. They won’t be sitting still.
  11. I’m not fond of complimenting people. Would much rather run them myself. But, I have to say. Aside from Fletch your articles are about as good as anything you can read angels related.
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