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MLB and California Secession

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Interesting hypothetical read

"The concept of California seceding from the United States is not new. A lot of people have predicted it, but they meant via a cataclysm, namely the state sliding into the Pacific Ocean after an earthquake of biblical proportions.

This time around, the secession movement is political. As is the case with most of the ideas posited by politicos and policy wonks, one has to ask: have you really thought this through?

When Californians go to the polls in November 2018, they will be asked to authorize a referendum for the following spring as to whether their state should secede from the U.S. The secession movement is popularly known as Calexit. Given the numerous issues that an independence movement entails, California voters will have a lot of things to consider. Will baseball be one of them?"


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56 minutes ago, LooneyPlatoons said:

Yeah I never gave the idea much thought but a California national anthem would be interesting.

California Uber Alles - Dead Kennedys

I am Governor Jerry Brown
My aura smiles and never frowns
Soon I will be president
California Über Alles
Now it is nineteen eighty-four
Knock-knock at your front door
It's the suede denim secret police
They have come for your uncool niece...
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Ugh... Cali self-absorbed/entitled liberals suck... I say we deport them to some remote island where Alec Baldwin becomes some Socialist head of state... or we push all-in and secede w/ a Jerry Brown - CJ Wilson presidency tandem... Game Over...

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Funny I thought the issue of a state secession from the union was settled in 1865.


Also it's interesting to note that California secession movement is led by a man who is living in Russia and has received financing from Russia.  However we don't care about that....Let's keep investigating Russian hacking into the DNC emails.

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Liberals in California, and a majority of "celebrity" social media whores in America, are so dramatic and reactionary to situations while in the moment, it's hilarious. They literally don't know how to cope with emotions. They cause an uproar because of how they feel about something at that second, but then, don't follow through with their misguided opinions, because they're full of shit, or really don't care that much because it doesn't affect them. These people are so fake nobody listens to them anymore. To sucede because of Trump is asinine. 

Nobody's going to do shit. California is among the most laughable political spectrum in the nation. For a state to take as much as they do from people as wealthy as they are, and do absolutely nothing about the infrastructure while putting things like "sanctuary state" and "speed rail" nobody will use as a priority boggles my mind.

Meanwhile traffic is among the highest in the world, and overpopulation continues.

It's like nobody there knows how the real world works. 

So bizarre. 

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there's nothing more interesting than listening to people blather on about democrats and republicans or liberals and conservatives.

well, almost nothing. i could mic up the toilet bowls at halftime of the superbowl. that's more interesting.

the old expression should be amended to read, "better to be silent and thought a fool, than to talk about politics and remove all doubt."

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In all seriousness the only thing that does make some sense is to split CA into two states.  So Cal would be basically the conservative leaning OC and SD and Imperial Valley.  The rest would be NorCal.

The new SoCal would be way smaller than NorCal but it would be a pretty "normal" size for a state compared to tons of other states.


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