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Straight Outta Compton


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I'll never forget the first time I heard their poetry:


So put your lips on my big chocolate twinkie

And you swallow all the nut

But after I nut I might leave you

You're nothin' but a stank ho' tryin' to take my bank ho'


it's amazing how much that reminds me of keats and byron. 

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Would be crazy if this movie triggered the reaction like Boyz N Tha Hood did back in 1992. Everyone was gangbanging and causing mayhem because of that flick and Menace II Society

yep, that and colors.

Gangbanging isnt what it used to be. Its still there obviously but nowhere as bad as it was in "the war years". That said, theres currently, like in the last month or so, a newly kicked off gang was between a few of the "super gangs" in LA. So conditions are ripe for some similar violence at least around LA for this movie

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i'm curious to see how the career arc has gone for ice cube. he started off as such a hard gangster, and now he's doing mainstream hollywood studio movies ("are we there yet?") and talk shows.

You forgot about his love and affection for white folk.


Lyrics from two of his most memorable songs in which he expresses his wonderful sentiments.



"Horny Little Devil"



You are the prince of darkness

Arch enemy, father of evil

Hell born, demonic, savage, fierce, viscious, wild

Tameless, barbaric, uncontrollabe, obstinate beast

[Verse One:]

Horny little devil, you gotta back up

Horny little devil, you can't bust a nut

Lookin at my girlfriend's black skin

You wanna jump in, but she don't like white men

So don't throw that work you ****in jerk

Or get your punk devil ass hurt mother****er

She ain't with the pale face

Cause y'all **** at a snail's pace

And you might get sprayed with mace

By the ebony

So when she's doing her job you better let her be

Don't try to pinch the gluterus

Thinkin that you about to knock out the uterus

Cause she'll tell you to kiss her ass quick

And where I'm from, devils get their ass kicked

Mr. Sexual Harrasment

Asking for a blow while the answer is "**** no"

Looks like you wanna terminate

But that's when I go Psycho like Norman Bates

I wanna kill the devil for talkin shit

Cause he can't get a taste of the chocolate

African breast; cause white bitches got no butt and no chest

Black women have bodies like goddesses

Sorta like Venus, but put away your penis

Cause the devil is a savage mother****er

That's why I'm lighter than the average brother

Cause you raped our women and we felt it

But it'll never happen again if I can help it (me neither)

Cause nobody in my neighborhood has caught jungle fever yet

So horny little devil, you better listen

Before your ass comes up missin

and it's like that

[Verse Two:]

Now you wanna get me

Horny little must be a F-A-G

Tryin to **** me out my land and my manhood

Got broke eating Spam and canned goods

Locking down on my neighborhoods

Treat me less than a man cause right now you got the upper hand

But my ass is a virgin

You mignt have ****ed the Indians

but you can't surgeon me

And when I'm on top I wont be ****in ya

I'd rather put a buck in ya

Cause I hate the devil with a passion

and when I see the whites of his eyes I start blastin

Dig a hole and throw his ass in

And I won't be happy til I'm down to my last ten

Get his ****in pitchfork

Tie him up, and then feed the bitch pork

Little devil wanna **** me out my pay

But horny little devil true niggaz aren't gay

And you can't play with my Yo-Yo

and definitely can't play with me you ****in homo

Cause we'll blow your head off

And turn that white sheet into a red cloth

Plus when they're all dead

I can quit that jheri juice and get a bald head

Then let it nap up

Go down to the corner store and beat the Jap up

Clean all the crap up

out my city

Now the whole block look shitty

Put his dick on a wood block

Swing swing swing, and chop chop chop

Now who's the next to nut

Color Me Badd, but you can't sex me up

So don't even try to put a dick in a die

Because this is what why in 1991 I'ma get my gun

Put an end to the devil, so get a ****ing shovel

[repeat chorus]




"Cave Bitch"


[intro: Dr. Khalid Muhammed]

Give me a black goddess sister I can't resist her. No stringy haired, blonde

hair, blue eyed, pale skinned buttermilk complexion. Grafted, recessive,

depressive, ironing board backside straight up and straight down. No

frills, no thrills, Miss six o'clock, subject to have the itch, mutanoid,

caucazoid, white cave bitch...

[Verse One: Ice Cube]

Ease back white bitch, I don't play that

Just because I got on my L.A. hat

Stalkin' walking in my big black boots

Is my jingle, now you want Mandingo

Big, black and handsome

I should hold your devil ass for ransome

Sorta like Patty Herst, but I'll burst first bitch

And you know what's worse

I'm coming from the land where the choppers roam

So phuck you bitch and your Coppertone

Stringy hair - no derrier - frontin' and fakin' with your silicone pair

Do I wanna phuck? Not hardly

That's kinda like Barbie phuckin' Bob Marley

It ain't gonna happen, I keep rappin'

Muthaphuck Teniell, but see I'm the Captain of this ship

And I'm true to the game

Ya all look the same

Standin' by my backstage door, hopin' that'll switch

Spread out you little cave bitch

[Verse Two: Ice Cube]

Why everytime we get famous

You wanna play us like Andy and Amos?

The devil sent you to try and tame us

But you can't tame me, with no bitch named Amy

Lookin' for the dark meat

But ho, I ain't tryin' to go out like Barkely

Cuz everytime I turn on the TV

I see several brothers with she-devils

Smilin' cuz you out on a date

But sooner or later, the bitch'll yell rape

Soon as daddy found out you a jigaboo

He'll kill like he did Emmitt Till

Yah, he tried to kick bass

But the bitch probably threw it in his face

Sargent Bale ain't nothin' but a trick

Nasty as hell, stanky little cave bitch

[Verse Three:]

Now don't think that I hate you

Cuz I won't date you, bitch I gotta stay true

You can be a fan, but don't expand

And try to get my dick in your hand

You better run to the minute man

Pale as snow, so act like y'know

Cuz if I slap it, flip it, and rub it like that

Yeah, it gotta be black

Plus yo ass too flat

I need a butt big enough that can clap


You can't get mine ho

I'd rather phuck an albino

Atleast I know, she's comin' from the Nubian

And not the Ku Klux Klan that you be in

And I don't give a **** if your family is rich

You're still a little cave bitch

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