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Attending NFL games, hazardous to your health!

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Every week, we're treated to several brawl-videos of fan-on-fan action.  Usually, you're only in danger if wearing your teams' jersey into hostile territory (mortal-danger wearing ANY jersey other than Raiders in Oakland), but this last week featured a green-on-green and red-on-red battle at the Eagles and Cardinals games..





The NFL has a lot of issues, with players and fans.  They should obviously add way more well-paid security, and authorize them to use the force necessary to keep the rest of the fans safe.  In the Eagles fight, the guy who got the worst of it was standing two rows below the fight and got crushed by the falling tough-guys.


I haven't been to an NFL game in a few years because there is always some drunk ass talking shit, either about his team or disrespecting somebody else's date.  It must start out in the parking lot, with the early tail-gating and lax drinking enforcement.

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In the last 5 years in MLB in SoCal we've had the Stow beating, a guy punched at an Angels game resulting in a fall then suffering a head injury that resulted in death and 2 guys shot in the parking lot after an Angels game by an off duty cop.  Every time I go to any sporting event there's drunk assholes and avoiding them 99.9% of the time is as easy as not engaging them and not getting drunk.  I believe a lot of stadiums have cracked down on tailgating for a lot of the major sports because surprise surprise, getting drunk for hours before the game even begins usually leads to problems.  


For the record I pretty much avoid going to sporting events because it's cheaper to watch from home, the view is better and I can avoid the idiots.  I like going to a few Angel games a year but other than that I'd rather watch on TV.  Philly fans are notorious for being douches ever since they pelted Santa with snowballs so I'm not really surprised by anything that comes out of Philly.  I went to the Raider/Bronco games 2 years in a row in Oakland maybe 10/11 years ago and quite frankly I kept my mouth shut and didn't wear any Bronco gear because it wasn't worth the trouble.  I watched two guys in Bronco jerseys walking by the line to get in get yelled at, have things thrown at them, spit at by a few people and the list goes on.  Mob mentality is a bad thing and when there's booze involved it's even worse.

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I have a great time in KC, but any area with any possibility of gang affiliation (all of California) is rough with tough guys and people willing to duke it out of fandom.


Hell, I wore an Angels hat to a Dodgers/Reds game (last minute where I hopped in a car as dressed) and it got a little hairy. Granted, I probably made it worse when I laughed at their threats, but it shouldn't come to that. The people that had Reds attire got it way worse from the boozing ese's. The crazy thing is it wasn't the gang banging dressed guy, but rather the paisa looking guys in white t-shirts and cut off jeans. 

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I decided that my last trip to Dodger Stadium would be just that - my last trip to Dodger Stadium. I had tickets for a series between the Braves and the Dodgers. I wore my Braves gear to both games. The first game wasn't a big deal. The second game some drunk dodger fan who I hadn't even spoken to wanted to fight in the bathroom. He said something about me "living in Georgia all (my) life" - which (1) I wasn't insulted by and (2) I've never lived in Georgia, then he raised his fists and started to come at me. One of his less-drunk buddies grabbed him and pulled him away. Then there were the insults and catcalls in the parking lot. Just not a great atmosphere. I sold my ticket for the third game in the parking lot.

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