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Easiest year to win a World Series?


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This seems like it.  There arent any power house teams in the AL or in baseball other then the Angels right now.  The Orioles, who are 4 games behind us right now are the closest team.  Their best hitter, Nelson Cruz has an .860 OPS.  He has a .263 BA and a .331 OBP, but has 39 home runs.  Their 2nd best hitter has 300 at bats, their 3rd best hitter Adam Jones, has a .786 OPS.  The rest of their lineup is absolute garbage.  Their starting pitching doesnt really scare anyone, although they have a good bullpen.  


The rest of the AL is pretty much the same story.  The Tigers have 2 good hitters, and 2 good pitchers, but have pretty much nothing outside of that.  The Mariners have the best pitcher in baseball and 2 very good pitchers, but have an abysmal lineup.  The A's have a deep rotation, but a crap lineup.  The Royals, I really dont even know.  


I havent looked at the NL much, but there doesnt seem to be a clear favorite.  The Dodgers might be the favorite but they are not a great team when Kershaw isnt pitching.  Even with the loss of Richards this seems like its a down year in MLB, there probably wont be an easier path to a World Series then there is this year.

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I agree that the path the world series this year may be easier, as each team has a certain flaw or bad event that occurred to them.


Detroit has had Verlander declining and injury to Sanchez. Their offense is not as good as it once was


Baltimore has a weaker rotation and just lost Davis


Seattle has a crappy offense


We lost Richards, but overall we should be the favorite to win the AL.


However, I do think the actual WS will be difficult this year. I think the Nationals are a very complete team, and the Dodgers are scary with their 3 aces.


I actually think that final series this year will be more difficult than past years.

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