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College student will carry her mattress everywhere until her rapist is expelled


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It makes me sick that so many rapists get away with their heinous crimes. Some basic research into colleges' handling of sexual assault reveals that many universities would rather save face and sweep rape under the rug rather than punish assaulters and risk their reputation.

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If I was a college-age friend of hers at **** Columbia U, I'd find the guy and beat him down on campus (preferably in a loaded classroom of witnesses, while explaining the beating very loudly).

Then, when the admin at **** Columbia U started my expulsion process it would get the attention it deserves.


Rapists make me angry..  still

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Glad to see you have taken your own advice and waited for all the relevant info to be released before coming to judgement.

hmmmm, Who's doing what?  Second paragraph, if you care to read that far..  You are a serious hater, huh..


“Not responsible.” That’s what a Columbia disciplinary panel ruled, letting Emma’s alleged attacker off the hook in not one, but three separate cases involving three different women.

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So he wasn't responsible? I bet you wanted to strong up the Duke Lacrosse team, too.

You're a piece of work, hmmmm.  I don't even understand what you might be trying to say here; probably just clouding the water.  At least you'll captain the sinking-ship to the bottom.. Wow

btw, I proudly wear my Duke Lacrosse t-shirt since that was deemed to be a fabrication.  It's "string-up" btw, English wiz.

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Rape is one of the most disgusting crimes around, because it happens so much and gets swept under the rug because "the woman was probably asking for it".


I get that there are false claims made every day.    Does that mean we ignore those rapists who truly are guilty?

Edited by Angel Oracle
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I'm really getting tired of "Duke lacrosse team" getting thrown out at any mention of rape. It's right up there with "wussifcation of American" on the list of annoying and overused phrases found on sports sites. 


I'm sure everyone ever falsely accused found the process to be a blast.

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