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How much should winning figure into a MLB affiliation?

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I wasn't sure whether this should go on the main board or in the Future Angels forum, but since it isn't really discussing individual players, I put it here.


My question is how much, if at all, should winning matter when a minor league team is choosing a parent club? This seems to come into play more at the AAA level, but it probably figures in at lower levels at times. Using the local club as an example, the Las Vegas (then) Stars ended a long-time relationship with the San Diego Padres because they had not put a winning club on the field in a number of years. The team then hooked up with the Los Angeles Dodgers, who I can only assume did not look at the facilities before signing the contract. The on-field performance was little better than it had been with San Diego. They left at the end of the initial agreement to renew their old association with Albuquerque, where a new ballpark had recently been built. 


Getting last pick again, we were affiliated with the Toronto Blue Jays until the people of Buffalo decided that they wanted the New York Mets out of town. The only other agreement ending at the time was ours with Toronto, so we got leftovers again. Since the Mets got here all the club has done is win. The 51s were one game short of the best record in the Pacific Coast League a year ago and they won their division for the first time in years. This year they have a nine game lead in the division and are a half game off the best record in the PCL.


If you were running a minor league club, how much would the product on the field matter - and would it depend upon the level of the club?

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Every minor league teams market is different. As a rule, winning puts butts in the seats. Some teams can get away with poor records and keep decent attendance. Many losing teams will find it hard to draw, no matter how many promotions they put on. It all depends on the bottom line.

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Who cares if a MiLB team wins?


I go to minor league games to watch decent baseball and enjoy a ballgame close up. If fans are showing up to watch a certain team win, that's just weird. 



not if you're local. minor league towns are the same as major league towns, they cheer for the home team.

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I've been in the Midwest for a couple weeks and I went to games at Peoria, Davenport (which was underwater basically) and burlington. It's embarrassing that the Bees facility houses the Angels low-A team. Quad Cities and Peoria are great stadiums with lots of fans and character. The Burlington park sucks major ass. It's like a high school field. I've been to Cedar Rapids a couple times (the angels previous low-A team) and it wasn't awesome but still much better than burlington.

At this level I don't think winning is that big of a deal, it's just cheap family fun, but it's really sad the Angels team is playing in such a dump.



what does this mean?

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I think it's pointless. Same reason I'm not really a college sports fan. 



that's cool, but when you say, who cares? that's who cares. i'm aware of college sports because i'm a sports fan so i just get it through osmosis, but i don't have any real interest either. a lot of that is because we are from/live on the west coast where the sports landscape is dominated by the proffessional franchises. if you go to the rest of the united states, especially the midwest and south, then you will see the college landscape dominates, followed by high school and then proffessional. 


most proffessional franchises wish they had the following of the major college programs. their fanbase is crazy.

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There are 3 things in particular that minor league clubs should aim for in order to generate revenue. 1. Does the team consistently win? 2. Does the team get high quality prospects worth coming to the park to watch and 3. Are there any notable former MLB players you can bring to town.

Personally, I wish the Angeks would stop renewing their affiliation with Salt Lake. The environment makes it impossible for pitchers or hitters to prepare for the major leagues and it really isn't close to SoCal. All the Angels best prospects are stashed in AA and think it shouldn't be that way.

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