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Top 10 Angel defensive 1st basemen

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Fangraphs seems to be an overall ranking of offense and defense........with the offense (as usual) taking precedence.  Nothing wrong with that.


But I assume this thread is asking BEST DEFENSIVE 1B.


I'd say 1.) Erstad  2.) JT Snow 3) Spencer and 4) Wally Joyner


couldn't go wrong with any of them.


of those listed, Spencer was really considered a defensive specialist and long before (the knock on) JT Snow, was criticized for not having corner power numbers at the plate.


I always like the way JT Snow played 1B and am sure he was responsible for some of the good stats the SF Giants pitchers had during his years there at 1B.

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I guess Carew played a lot of 1B for us -- but to me he was/ is always will be a 2B -- that's where he played during his prime in Minnesota.


It's kinda like some folks forgetting that Ernie Banks was once a very good SS for the Cubs -- he spent the last half of his career at 1B.

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No doubt Erstad , Snow and Joyner belong on the list and Pujols will find his way up there to before all is said and done. Bochte belongs also he played with same kind of grit as Erstad. And I remember watching Wally Joyner as a wild eyed rookie you knew he would be special. I remember watching Carew the thing I remember most is that crazy stance he had all crouched and ready to strike. He was one of my first Angel players that I was a fan of as a kid towards the end of is career. I still have his rookie card.  J.T. Snow was the son of Jack Snow a former L.A. Rams football player. And Erstad was a kicker for the Nebraska Corn Huskers. A pure out country boy. I also think Mo Vaughn deserves a place on the list.


 It will be interesting to see who y'all think the top 10 starting pitchers will be.

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Third base will be good too. I rate players on the eye test. Numbers can be manipulated to say any number of things. First two I thought at first were JT Snow and Casey Kotchman. I remember Bruce Bochte as well but I was a kid and every Angel was the best I ever saw. Lol. Third base should have Decinces at the top. But I am guessing we will see Glaus or Chone ahead of Doug.

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