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Joe Blanton Retires

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I was wondering the same thing -- if Blanton signed a minor league contract, I'm thinking that if he is not called up to the majors, the Angels are still on the hook for the entire $8.5 million for 2014 and don't even get a reduction of the MLB minimum (what's that these days? $450,000 or $500,000 ?) to be paid by the A's.


Knowing of the way Billy Beane operates and the budget he has to operate within, I'm thinking the Halos get ZERO relief/ off-set under the Blanton retires without making A's big club scenario.


I was surprised Blanton agreed to go to AAA in the first place........doubtful any club would sign him for next year so he can sit home and plan his investment strategy to make that $8.5 million last a life-time.

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Only 33 years old. I kinda feel bad for him.


What if... what if our relentless mocking of him led to his retirement?

I'm guessing at least the last part of your post may be sarcasm but since it's a message board it's hard to tell. Regardless the guy will have made over 45M in his career so don't squirt too many tears for him.

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Did you hear this from your sources within the organization Chuck?  Just Googled it and no mention that I can find online.


He actually pitched decently in his last start here in Vegas 4/10.  5 2/3 IP, 1ER, 1BB, 6K.


Nothing seemed valedictory about the performance...

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that's kind of a bullshit loophole in the system no? 


So he sucks tremendously for the halos and has the power to refuse a minor league assignment and asks for his release instead.  He gets released and picked up by the A's where he accepts a minor league assignment where he pitches in two games and then retires.  If he accepts the minor league assignment with the halos and retires before getting released, I think he forfeits the money. 

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