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"You need to.." and its cousin, "You should...."


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Continuing on my pet peeves greatest hits list, this one is aimed squarely at guys.


What is it with guys who feel the need to tell other guys what the should be doing? 


You don't have have an automatic ice maker??  You need to put one in.  Its easy, just run a line under the house.....




You should get the sub woofers for that.  It will improve your sound so much...




You need to stop drinking that, and drink this..


or my all time favorite:


You've never been to Fenway??  YOU NEED TO GO!!


This is a guy thing, mostly (if my wife gives me a "you need to", I cut her off).


Neighbors are good at the 'you should' and 'you need'....  What my friends understand is that we are all grown-ass men.  Sometimes I need advice, and will solicit it..  Then, give me the "you need to.."  but otherwise, I'm a big boy, and don't need your advice on the ice maker or the Fenway trip.

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YK, you need to just enjoy life and not let the little things bother you.  You should just go outside without a care in the world.  Life will be amazing if you do.  



Oh, trust me, my life is great.  These are first world probs of the first the highest order.  I just don't give a sh*t about hot stove league stuff, and looking for something to discuss. 

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For teachers, "You need to..." addressed to a student, never works. Their behavior usually gets worse.

Better to say "I NEED YOU to..."


I was a schoolteacher some years ago. It really works.


when i'm in front of my class holding my hockey stick, i can say "you need to" all i want and it works just fine.

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