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"The Big Lie"

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Montgomery Brewster's philosophy should become king:   "Vote for none of the above!"


Clean EVERY politician out of office that has been around for more than one term!

Yes, the pockets of the newbies may eventually be filled with corrupt kickbacks, but at least there would be some chance of true government salvation.

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The people have allowed the greedy leviathen of the big Finance with big corporation to take over almost completely, all while we played with our toys and fool around on Facebook. We are the only animal that can look up and ponder what is in the sky or heavens, yet more and more people, more imporantly the young people, walk around with their heads down  playing with social media.  As subjective as awareness is, it's what it takes to start change.

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There has always been distractions and other things for people to pay attention to. Fact is people only care about what immediately effects them.

So true about what immediately effects people . I think the advanced computer age may have exacerbated it. Getting off topic but It amazes me how many people walk around with their head down because what is on their device is important, just not important enough to stop meandering. I'm in a wheel chair and in the Angel stadium thoroughfare, if I wasn't mobile some people would run right into me. In this regard things have really changed.

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