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AngelsWin.com NFL Picks Week 1-Results

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We had our largest turnout ever, think 50 made picks.  Double check yours, I could have made a boo-boo as I had a lot to go through. Normally start out listing wins and loses so people can see how they did but as the weeks go on it usually gets cut back to just W's. So if you missed a Thursday and went 9-6 you are still tied with whomever went 9-7.


HeavenlyHalos - 13-3

DW711 - 12-4

Catshat - 12-4

m0nkey - 12-4

xboom - 12-4

Brandon - 12-4

AngelsandRamsFan - 11-5

nate - 11-5

BlackBeard - 11-5

James - 11-5

AngelDog&Beer - 11-5

decinces11 - 11-5

vernster - 11-5

tennischmp - 11-5

Shane - 10-6

Ray McKigney - 10-6

Hollyw00d - 10-6

SlappyUGuy - 10-6

MT - 10-6

Tank - 10-6

Agalloch - 10-6

Chimi - 10-6

Sigbaby - 10-6

YouthofToday - 10-6

Kyle Miller - 10-6

Soto - 10-6

Nolan fan - 10-6

OregonLAA - 9-7

Troutipoo27 - 9-7

Angels__Drunk - 9-7

Swanson - 9-7

Chuck - 9-7

Zach Martin - 9-7

CardsFan - 9-7

Team Cooley - 9-7

Jim - 9-7

JB Abell - 9-6

bloodbrother - 8-8

Stoddart - 8-8

Cory - 8-8

aaronkv - 8-8

primitive - 8-8

tdawg - 8-8

EpicDean - 8-8

eleven - 8-8

jcvazquez - 8-8

MileHigh - 8-8

Katie - 6-10

Jammer36 - 5-11

Edited by Kurt Swanson
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I went 12-4, not 11-5


It is because you serve an automatic one game penalty each week:)  I will fix it.  The best format is copy and paste Ravens@Broncos and bold your pick for example, then I can remember who played who.  Only problem is then someone forgets to bold their pick.  Their will be some mistakes, why you guys gotta go discount double check now and then.  thanks. 

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Sent 06 September 2013 - 09:52 AM

Hey Kurt,


Can we not make picks for the Sunday games until they start anymore(thread is locked)? Didn't know... Here are my picks for those games. Thanks for doing this again this year.

Sunday, Sept. 8
Patriots @ Bills
Titans @ Steelers
Falcons @ Saints
Buccaneers @ Jets
Chiefs @ Jaguars
Seahawks @ Panthers
Bengals @ Bears
Dolphins @ Browns
Vikings @ Lions
Raiders @ Colts
Packers @ 49ers
Cardinals @ Rams
Giants @ Cowboys


Monday, Sept. 9
Eagles @ Redskins
 @ Chargers



Those were tennischmps picks pm'd to me.  Thread got locked on Thursday when it should only be locked on Sunday morning.  We are trying to get people to still pick even if they miss the Thursday game.  When I unlocked the thread he copied and pasted but left some of the picks double-bolded.  If he had not sent me the pm then he would not have gotten credit.  


Problem is you can edit up to the Sunday games after seeing the Thursday result.  It just has to be played like golf, no dropping a ball out of your pocket.  Remember this is for fun.  

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I was 4-12 in my other pick-em competition.  it is against the spread but sometimes that isn't all that harder. There were some sloppy games this week. Just needed to take the points and only one I was willing to give up many points in the hole were the Broncos. 

Edited by Kurt Swanson
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I can cover you but I will need $5 next week and $1 every Friday for the rest of the season.  I also get 60% of any winnings and 60% of any future business proceeds/winnings you may receive.  As a favor I will also include my protection from Katie and her goons but you owe me.

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