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Breaking Bad ***SPOILERS INSIDE***

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Wanted to watch the first episode of the season because it includes something that is going to happen coming up, but ended up watching all 8 episodes of this newest season again.


One thing that I was reminded of is just how lucky or perfectly everything seems to happen. It doesn't take away from the show, but these have to be the two luckiest guys in the world....until the end, as expected. How the methlomyne (sp?) they need from the train just happens to perfectly be on the bridge, Todd just happens to have a dad that has prison ties and they pull off an almost impossible mass killing, and I'm missing another instance or two. Still good, but if you go over the whole show things just seem to always work out for Walt and Jesse at a pretty high rate.

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I actually talked about this last night as it happened. Prison runs on the same time frame, so everyone gets breakfast around 4:30am, etc. But while you can be within a minute or two for every prison, not all pods and tiers always eat at 4:30am, or in this case as it was afternoonish, have rec time together.

I didn't even mention the fact that you just did that they wouldn't likely be in general pop.

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I, too am anxiously awaiting the finale!  We need a poll on what happens to Walt, Jesse and Saul.  W and J have to go down.  Saul has to survive, because he's Saul.  Marie and Skyler?  Hank?  I think Hank finally nabs Walt.


The guys that used to crack me up are Skinny Pete and Badger.


Terrific job of casting in this epic.  So entertaining.

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I think Jesse makes it and is actually a focal point. Unless, all the articles and Q&A stuff I'm reading about him being the moral compass is misleading.

Lydia gets murked. I loved Mike, but one of the things that drove me nuts is for a basses he let her live.

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