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OC Register: Angels narrowly avoided the luxury tax

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The Angels final 2023 payroll came in within $30,000 of the luxury tax threshold, according to a source, demonstrating that their final month push to trim payroll worked as intended… barely.

When the Angels made a series of trades in late July to try to contend, they pushed their projected payroll above the $233 million threshold for the luxury tax. However, they fell out of the race weeks later, and general manager Perry Minasian placed six players on waivers and then moved catcher Max Stassi to the restricted list, all of which reduced their payroll incrementally.

During the final weeks of the season, and as recently as the GM Meetings last month, Minasian said the Angels were too close for him to know officially if they had gotten under the threshold. Some of the numbers for the calculation come from Major League Baseball, and aren’t finalized until early December.

The significance for the Angels of being below the luxury tax threshold is that their compensation draft pick for losing Shohei Ohtani — if they lose him — would be after the second round instead of after the fourth round.

Also, the penalties for going over the threshold increase in consecutive years, so the Angels would pay a 30% tax if they exceeded the threshold in 2024 as a second-time offender, compared with 20% if they were first-time offenders.

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3 minutes ago, Angels in 2030 said:

I’m not sure what’s more embarrassing.  The collapse right after the big TDL deals and resulting player waivers…..or the celebration for getting below the level.  Either way, just a sad/pathetic set of events.  There really should be no padding on the back involved here.  

And yet it’s a positive development 

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36 minutes ago, ettin said:

So this win now equates us to signing Ohtani now, right? Amirite?!?!? All the spare change in the pocket!!!

It’s not necessarily what was saved but the fact the penalties won’t escalate in year two to three of the deal making the tax hits much harder to swallow. If Ohtani were re-signed the team will surely be going over the limit of it tries to do enough to contend. And it would be hard to go under the tax while Rendon’s contract is still around. Even one year less really helps with the tax escalations. Now, if they stay under the tax this offseason it’s a moot point other than draft considerations. But, if minassian is looking at a three to five year plan this greatly affects that. 

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1 hour ago, Inside Pitch said:

I like that Minasian wasn't worried about looking stupid by attempting to eek out a positive from what turned out to be a disastrous situation.


I do wonder who drove the decision.

Did Perry present it to Arte or did Arte tell Perry? 

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