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Most Despised Angels

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Seems like there’s been a lot of dissatisfaction for players that were heavily coveted. They get there and they stink. Then, we sit a wish “please leave.”  These guys have sunk the club with either contract or poor work ethic or other bad play   

I’m curious who your top 3 most despised angels are. 

I’m torn.  

Rendon, per the Chuck thread, is drawing a lot of “go away” vibes.  

Does he compare to Albert, Mathis, CJ, Vernon, Hamilton, Vaughn, Finley….

Who are your top 3?

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2 hours ago, Halo in Chicago said:

I wouldn’t say I despised him because I also felt bad for him but it took a long time for my 14 year old self to stop being pissed at Donnie Moore. 

I was at that game.  It was soul crushing.  I’m still not sure 2002 erased that.  But it’s a game.   That was a tragic outcome. 

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Luis Polonia - Wouldn't give me an autograph while he was chatting up my little sister who was 13 at the time... He looked at me and said in broken English. I don't understand... Then went right back to the convo with my sister... He said, Hey baby you like to party? Perfect English and kept on talking to her.... perfectly. He was just a scumbag. After a few moments, I said Dude she's 13 years old. And he looked at me and ran off to play pregame catch.

Brian Downing - We had a minimum day at High School (for some Teacher thing)and had just had lunch at Lamppost and he pulled up to get his dry cleaning. We said, HEY Brian your awesome! He told us to F* off and go back to school then said something under his breath and called us hoodlums... BWHAHAHAHAHHAH. He was just a dyck.

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1 hour ago, T.G. said:

I was certain you'd have Dave Hollins on your list.


35 minutes ago, Inside Pitch said:

I left Disar off too..   Im trying to mix up my hate train a little.  I don't even hate Wells, I hated the trade.

On pure former Angels hate..   Collins, Hollins, Hamilton for sure.  

Hollins was awesome. He provided lots of free baseballs to anyone in the stands near 1B. 

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