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Houck for Rengifo?

Second Base

Tanner Houck for Luis Rengifo?  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you trade Luis Rengifo for Tanner Houck?

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Would you trade Luis Rengifo for Tanner Houck? 

Red Sox need a starting 2B both now and in the future. Houck may or may not be part of their rotation, but he's a first round pick, blew through the minor leagues with no trouble, and despite uncertainty of time z has been fantastic in the majors, posting very solid ERA, FIP and K%. 

The Angels need another starting pitcher. Rengifo had a breakout year last year, but the Angels already have some depth at 2B, with much more on the way. 

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59 minutes ago, wopphil said:

Absolutely, but why would the Red Sox give any consideration to something like this? I have to assume Houck’s trade value is far more than Rengifo’s. 

Generally, Starting pitcher with upside > Second baseman with upside...

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On the other hand, it would fill both teams needs.  We might have to add a good pitching prospect.  I can see it but I’d like to just hold on to everyone for now and add next year.  Of course all bets are off at the trading deadline.

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3 hours ago, Lazorko Saves said:

Meanwhile, over on the Red Sox board, there's probably a poll asking if they'd trade Ryan Brasier to the Angels for Patrick Sandoval.  Because the Angels need bullpen help...mumble mumble...and too many starters...blah blah.

Damn it, stick with our narrative here.

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13 minutes ago, Chuckster70 said:

Houck had back surgery this offseason to repair an issue with his disc. Just way too much risk there IMO.

Agree. Surgery on a disc should be a last resort. Have known  2 people who were told by a doctor they needed surgery to fuse a disc. Family members told them to see a Chiro first. A months worth of weekly adjustments fixed the problem.

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1 hour ago, Taylor said:

I swear some of you guys are the dudes in fantasy sports leagues who send you ridiculously lopsided trade proposals then get all butthurt when you reject them.

my personal favorite is their waiver wire bench pick up for my first or second round pick because i have a good back up already.

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